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NFL Pro Bowl Tickets

NFL Pro Bowl Tickets

2015 NFL Pro Bowl

If you're expecting to see some of the very best athletes in the world all in one place, the NFL Pro Bowl is definitely for you, as this is an annual tradition that has been an exciting celebration of the sport for a very long time at this point. Played the week before the Super Bowl, fans come to town from all over, particularly when it's played at a place like Phoenix, which is the perfect spot to be come late-January. This is the perfect meeting place for fans looking to cheer on their favorite players as they look to end their seasons on a high note, delivering an exciting exhibition along the way.

What's new in recent years is that the teams are no longer divided up by conference. Instead of AFC versus NFC, the game has a little fun by selecting captains to pick the top players who were selected for the Pro Bowl, making for an interesting exhibition that is also one of the most unique all-star games that you're going to find. In the first year with this format, 2014, it was legends Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders who ended up choosing their teams as alumni captains, which ended up making it one of the most fun Pro Bowl matchups that it has ever been played. This time it will be two other legends taking over as team captains, as Cris Carter and Michael Irvin stepped up to be lead the two teams this time around.

New to 2015, the game will also be played at the spectacular state-of-the-art University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Though the game is normally played in Hawaii, and will again starting in 2016, the 2015 game will a unique opportunity for fans to head out and see the big game without having to travel all the way to Hawaii. With a great venue and the top players in the league making appearances, this is one of those games that you definitely don't want to miss out on if you love the National Football League.

NFL Pro Bowl Event Info

Much more than just an exhibition game, the NFL Pro Bowl is a game for bragging rights between the best of the best in professional football. While at first the game has a jovial air to it, these are some of the best athletes in the world and part of what makes them so great is their competitive nature. As the game wears on it becomes clear that no one on the field wants to lose and the two teams are facing off against one another to prove the dominance of their squad. Each year there are new players selected to the team looking to prove that they belong among the elite alongside perennial favorites and future Hall of Famers.

If you have ever dreamed of assembling the best possible NFL team and watching them hit the field, this is the opportunity to watch your dream come to life right before your eyes at a great venue at the University of Phoenix Stadium. University of Phoenix Stadium has been touted as one of the very best spectator sports facilities in the entire world since it opened up in 2006, partly because of its incredible field that actually is rolled in and out for various games. This gives the advantage of perfecting the playing surface, making it a unique venue that is also perfect for events like the Pro Bowl.

NFL Experience

Upon entering University of Phoenix Stadium, fans are well aware that they are about to see an NFL football game unlike any other. Though football is normally a very intense support, this is a chance for the stars of the league to put on a different type of show while still exhibiting their incredible skills that have made them the most noted players in the entire league. When the game is heating up and the players begin to really feel the competition, however, the matchup starts to turn into a completely different level of experience, and suddenly you're treated to a stunning display of football talent that you're just not going to find anywhere else. Though there are lots of sports out there these days, the NFL has gained a reputation for being the golden standard for spectator sports, and the Pro Bowl is a great way to see exactly why that is.

NFL Pro Bowl History

These are the sport's future legends and Hall of Fame inductees, and there is nothing like seeing them live and in person. You may have seen many of them playing on your television, but seeing them live at a great venue will help take the atmosphere to a completely different level. Over the years, guys like Marshall Faulk, Jim Kelly, Reggie White, Bruce Smith, Walter Payton and many, many other legends have taken down the game's MVP award, and you never know who is going to be the next great player to put on a show.

The first Pro Bowl was played in 1951 and for the first twenty-one years the game was played in Los Angeles, California. For the next few years it was moved around until the 1980 game which was played in Aloha Stadium where it remained until 2010, when the game was played in Miami before being moved back to its permanent spot in Aloha Stadium. Following its move to Glendale, Arizona in 2015, the game will again return to Hawaii in 2016, where it's expected to be played for the foreseeable future.

NFL Pro Bowl Trivia

Do you know who was the first NFL Pro Bowl MVP?

The answer is Otto Graham, who dominated the NFC during his incredible performance in January of 1951, earning himself the very first Pro Bowl MVP Award.

NFL Pro Bowl Fans

NFL fans know how to take a big game to a completely different level, but you're not going to figure that out sitting at home. Even though the NFL is a very popular television sport as well, fans know that the only way to really get into the hard-hitting excitement is to head out and watch their favorite teams and players hit the field in front of thousands of other excited fans. With a game like the Pro Bowl, it's a great celebration that brings in fans from all over the league, making for a unique atmosphere that you're just not going to find anywhere else.

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25 Jan 2015
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