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2014 - 2015 NHL Tickets

NHL tickets

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The National Hockey League is the best hockey league in the world, boasting players from all over the world throughout the ranks of athletes. The NHL has a wide fan base than spans the entire continent of North America, featuring teams from both the United States and Canada. The best players in the world are always ready to put on a show for those in attendance at the games, which is why people love heading to the arena to see their favorite team on a regular basis.

There are great head-to-head matchups throughout the NHL schedule this season, and fans are clamoring to gain access to all the biggest games. When two top teams face off on the ice, hockey appreciators in attendance are treated to seeing the best quality of hockey on the planet. With the most skilled hockey players dotting rosters throughout both the Eastern and Western Conferences, every game is a spectacle of sport than can be appreciated at the highest of levels.

This spring, fans can get to the arena for some big playoff games to see the top teams in the NHL face off with their eyes on the Stanley Cup. The playoffs are even more intense and thrilling than the regular season, which is saying something. When the best teams take to the ice in search of a championship, the level of play goes up a notch, as the players are ready to do whatever it takes to bring that precious Stanley Cup home with them when it's all said and done. Attending a playoff game is something that every hockey fan remembers for a very long time.


The National Hockey League was founded in 1917 in Montreal, Canada. Originally featuring only Canadian-based teams, the league branched out to the United States in the 1920s. The NHL would undergo a major expansion again in the 1960s. The league has continued to expand since and now features a total of 30 teams throughout the United States and Canada. 23 teams are based in the U.S., while seven hail from north of the border. The Montreal Canadiens have been the most dominant franchise in the league over the course of their history, winning an astounding 24 Stanley Cup Championships. The Toronto Maple Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cups, and the Detroit Red Wings 11. The league is divided into two conferences, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. In the NHL's playoff format, each conference submits their top eight teams into a quarterfinals, semifinals and conference finals, and both conferences send one team each to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Life as a Fan

There is nothing better than seeing a sporting event live and in person. Sports have been a part of cultures around the world for a very long time, and spectators have always enjoyed watching athletes compete at the highest of levels. When you're there in the stands at a sporting event like this one, you're treated to seeing some of the most talented athletes in the entire world going head to head with everything on the line. There's nothing that compares to the atmosphere at a game, where you're surrounded by fans that are all there to enjoy a great spectacle of sport. Fans of the National Hockey League are some of the most passionate in all of sports, supporting their favorite teams with pride when they head to the arena.

Introducing New Fans

There is something special about the sport of hockey. No other sport in the world seems to combine the assets of power and grace so well, as these are some of the most incredible athletes you'll ever see hit the ice. Going to see a game in person is a completely different experience than watching it from home, which is why so many people head to the arena for all the biggest games featuring their favorite teams. You're sure to get caught up in the electric atmosphere that comes with attending an exciting hockey contest. You'll find yourself in the stands, cheering with everything you've got as you root for the home team to take out their opponent with effort and skill.


Pro sports are always special, because when you head to a pro sports event you're treated to seeing the best of the best in the entire country, sometimes the world. These athletes are dedicated to their craft and provide the fans in attendance with incredible moments that they never forget. Going to a game featuring two of the National Hockey League's top teams is an experience that you'll never forget, as the atmosphere is simply electric, filled with the intensity that the players and fans both bring to the arena. People head to loads of hockey games every season because it's a great time for friends and family and anyone that appreciates a quality sporting event.

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2014 - 2015 NHL Tickets