We've updated our user agreement – May 15, 2014

Our updated user agreement is effective for existing users June 14, 2014.

In the user agreement, we've made changes regarding:

  • The amount of time for updates to the user agreement to take effect,
  • The process and consequences for reporting an issue, and
  • Arbitration procedures.

We also made the user agreement shorter by moving most of the seller-specific terms (for example, reporting an issue) to the seller policies. The seller policies are incorporated into the user agreement and are binding on all sellers on our site.

Take a few moments to read through the user agreement and the seller policies and make sure you understand all the changes and how they affect you.

If you're an existing user and have previously accepted our user agreement, your use of StubHub's site or services after June 14, 2014 constitutes your acceptance of the updated user agreement. If you're a new user, the updated user agreement posted May 15, 2014 is effective upon acceptance.