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Oklahoma - Texas Tech

Oklahoma - Texas Tech

Oklahoma – Texas Tech Schedule

It all comes down to this, as there is always plenty of fanfare whenever the Sooners of Oklahoma and the Raiders of Texas Tech square up, no matter the sport or event. Come out and see them lineup on the gridiron at either Jones AT&T Stadium and Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium and you'll end up with an incredible atmosphere that you'll be talking about a long time after it's over, as it doesn't get any better than seeing Big 12 football played by two of the top teams in the nation. But there are also plenty of other amazing matchups throughout the school year, including top-tier baseball games, basketball contests featuring both the men's and women's teams, and plenty of other sports that also bring in fans by the load as well.

Both teams have fan bases that take their college sports very seriously and create an unparalleled atmosphere for their match ups in this heated in-conference rivalry. The Big 12 is a conference filled with schools that have proud sports traditions, and when an in-conference match-up takes place like one between Oklahoma and Texas Tech, anything at all can happen. As soon as you're there watching an epic battle, with the buzz of the crowd rising, you'll be glad that you didn't miss out in favor of watching the action from your living room.

The Teams

Whatever the sport, the rivalry between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Tech Red Raiders always causes the teams to bring their best efforts when they face one another. Fierce competition and passionate crowds are a given whenever the Sooners and the Red Raiders battle and a memorable time is guaranteed. These two teams represent two of the greatest programs in all of the country, and the talent trickles down throughout the various sports to make each and every one of their battles something to behold for fans of both sides.

Of course, it all really comes to a head on the gridiron, where it's become a tradition to come out and see these two powerhouses do battle wins and bragging rights. For the Sooners, they've had nothing short of some of the very best players in the history of college football, with guys like Adrian Peterson and Billy Sims dominating on the gridiron and either winning or finishing as a finalist for the Heisman Trophy for the program. The Raiders haven't been lacking in great players either, of course, as they've had stars like Michael Crabtree, Ted Watts, Tim Crawford and many come through their ranks on their way to becoming high NFL draft picks.

Oklahoma – Texas Tech History

In addition to their proud football traditions, the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Oklahoma Sooners both have histories of excellent basketball programs. The two schools highly anticipate the match up each year and their battles have been some of the best in all of college basketball. The Red Raiders have been on the hardwood since all the way back in 1925, allowing them time to build a very strong program and a healthy rivalry with the Sooners in the process. On the other side of the tip, the Sooners have played as far back as 1908, helping build one of the most prominent programs in all of college hoops in the process. With great traditions that reach cross all sports, however, the Texas Tech-Oklahoma rivalry seems to only get more and more intense, making it always a good idea to put down the chemistry textbook you're pretending to study from and see the action first-hand.

Oklahoma – Texas Tech Trivia

Did you know that the Sooners have won seven different conference tournaments?

Over the years, the Sooners have been major factors in the Big 12 Tournament, with frequent title runs as they solidify their program as one of the very best you're going to find anywhere. But even though the Sooners are certainly a formidable foe on the hardwood, the Red Raiders aren't exactly lacking in explosive playmakers either, and fans of both programs tend to have matchups between the Red Raiders and Sooners circles on their calendars.

The Experience

No matter the sport, you're guaranteed an amazing atmosphere that will bring the whole thing to a completely different level than you can hope to conjure up watching from home. Though there are lots of good rivalries around college sports, mainly because college rivalries tend to run deeper than you'll find in the pros, it doesn't get any better than watching the Red Raiders take on the Sooners. From beautiful Saturday afternoon gridiron battles to intense hoops matchups to highly anticipated baseball games, there are plenty of options throughout the school year to see these teams clash, and you can bank on their being a great atmosphere to help complete the mood. Once you're there for all the big moments, you'll be glad that you're not sitting anywhere else – not that you'll be thinking about your seat.

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