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Opiate tickets

Opiate tickets - Opiate Tour Dates - Opiate Tour

Opiate Schedule

Whether it's Granada Theater in Lawrence, Kansas or any of the other top-tier venues that Opiate might show up at, this is just one of those bands that you have to see up close and personal sooner or later if you're a music fan. Head out and see what all of the excitement is about by snagging a few seats, which will bring you to the forefront of the action as Opiate looks to rock the stage once again at a venue near you.

This is an English nu-metal band that you just can't duplicate anywhere outside of the stands alongside your fellow fans, though that's not something that you're going to learn sitting on your couch wondering how the concert is getting on. Put down the remote and see for yourself what has Opiate fans eagerly anticipating each and every one of their major shows as the tour the country. Look as much as you like, but you won't find another band that is close to this well-rounded if you're looking for a top-tier tribute band, and this is a band that will definitely get your feet moving.

Opiate Trivia

What genre does Opiate associate itself with?

Technically Opiate is a tribute band, if you want to go by the book, but this is a group that takes some of the best from metal, rock and a variety of other genres, giving you a unique sound that you just won't be able to find anywhere else. But even though Opiate is great to listen to on your favorite playlist, it's a completely different thing to actually be there and listen to them first-hand, as this is a band that knows how to capture the enthusiasm of the audience and bring a crowd to its feet.

Did you know that Opiate is actually based on a Tool song of the same title?

Yeah, that's right. One of the more popular Tool songs was the perfect launching points for a great band that followed in the footsteps of Tool and continue to put on one great show after another.

Opiate Background

You never know what sound Opiate is going to come up with next, which is why it's always a good idea to come out and see what all the excitement is about as they hit the stage looking to put on a great show that everyone will be talking about around town. To know the music of Opiate is to know the music of Tool, a legendary band and that has been capturing the imaginations of music fans all over the world. But Opiate is more than the next best thing, as they have their own spin on your favorite Tool songs that will have you coming right back to see them.

Opiate Hit Albums

With four studio albums under their belt, Tool has had their fair share of big hits, laying the groundwork for Opiate to continue rocking and connecting with a steady string of huge hits. Tool's first album, Undertow, brought fans a great idea of just how talented they are, but they brought it all to the next level with very well received albums like AEnima, Laterlus and 10,000 Days – all albums that Opiate knows by heart. With so many big hits to choose from, you know what tracks Opiate is going to whip out when they're on the stage, giving you plenty of reasons to ditch the couch for a fun-filled night of music that you'll be talking about long after it's all over.

Opiate The Concert Experience

There has never been a better time to head out to a great concert loaded with moments that you'll be talking about well after it's over. Sure, there are plenty of ways to listen to music these days, but it's a completely different experience to actually be there so you can feel the pulse of the crowd and watch your favorite musician take the stage for an unforgettable concert experience.

This rock band knows a things or two about connecting with a live audience, making it always a good idea to put down the remote and head out for a night of music that will have you reaching for the playlist as soon as you get home. The concert experience is nothing short of unbelievable, as any fan can attest, but it's still something that you have to get immersed in if you want to truly appreciate. When a great band like Opiate takes to the stage, the energy will be nothing short of unbelievable, giving you plenty of reasons to click off the sound system and head out to see it all happen before your very eyes as Opiate looks to put on yet another great show for their dedicated fan base that always turns up in droves to show their support.

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