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Orange Bowl Game Day Fan Zone Tickets

Orange Bowl Game Day Fan Zone Tickets

Get Your Game Face On for the Orange Bowl Game Day Fan Zone

Featuring concerts, food, cheerleaders, contests and marching bands, there's no better way to get into the football-watching mood. Besides, it's also a family-friendly affair. Whether the plan is to eat yourself into a food coma before watching the game or soak in the local festivities at the Sun Life Stadium, the end result is the same. You get to attend a lively event that allows you to let loose and get pumped before the game. Your Orange Bowl experience simply won't be complete without Orange Bowl Game Day Fan Zone tickets included in your package.


Everybody loves the Orange Bowl, and this pre-game party serves to bring the level of excitement through the roof. The gates opened at 1:30 pm ET on January 1st, meaning the festivities came to an end around 7:30 pm ET.

Since everything takes place at the Sun Life Stadium, going to and fro shouldn't be a problem here.


The Orange Bowl itself happens to be a big deal, so a lot of people don't realize that the Sun Life Stadium hosts other games. As a matter of fact, one of the most important games held here is the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) championship. In addition, the Orange Bowl hosts the national championship on a rotational basis.


The Orange Bowl has a whole host of `history to it. The game didn't become official until 1935, but the Orange Bowl has been around since 1890. Up until 2001, the Orange Bowl also sponsored a parade the night before the game to kick-off the New Year.

Orange Bowl History

California decided to hold sporting games as the weather allows athletes to do what they do best year round. Florida jumped on the bandwagon for similar reasons. This was eventually followed up with the Palm Festival Game. Basically, a team from out of town was invited to play one of the local football teams, and celebrations were focused on the big game. In a way, you could argue that the Game Day Fan Zone's just building on the same tradition.

In 1935, the first NCAA-recognized game was held. Bucknell drubbed Miami 26-0, and things only got better from there. For instance, the first televised game was in 1964. Two out-of-town teams, Texas and Alabama, faced off for that one. Even the facilities evolved over time. What began as a game played at Miami Field moved to the Miami Orange Bowl from 1938 to 1996. The game then moved to Sun Life Stadium, where it's stayed, except for the last game played at the Miami Orange Bowl in 1999.

Today, the Orange Bowl honors people through the Groza Award, the Courage Award and the Orange Bowl Hall of Fame while also supporting a variety of local charities and youth initiatives.

Great Players

If you're looking for the names of the greatest players to grace the Orange Bowl with their presence, take a look at the names in the Orange Bowl Hall of Fame. Here are just ten of the players who have been inducted because of their athletic achievements:

  • Terry Kinard (2013)
  • Peter Boulware (2013)
  • John Cappelletti (2005)
  • Warrick Dunn (2012)
  • Steve Van Buren (1976)
  • Turner Gill (2006)
  • Marvin Jones (2006)
  • Steve Owens (1992)
  • Bernie Kosar (1997)
  • Ron Simmons (2005)


Before it was discontinued in 2001, the King Orange Jamboree Parade was one of the traditions surrounding the Orange Bowl.Since the game's been played annually since 1935, the Orange Bowl is a tradition in itself, bringing together passionate fans, great athletics, and good times.
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31 Dec
Dec 31, 2014 3:30 PM
Sun Life Stadium
Miami Gardens, FL
3:30 p.m. EST
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