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Orioles - Reds

Orioles Reds

Baltimore Orioles-Cincinnati Reds Matchups

There's nothing quite like being there when the game is on the line and it's two talented teams down on the field, and that definitely holds true during crucial interleague matchups like Baltimore-Cincinnati. The Orioles have one of those organizations with a proud history and plenty of talent on the current roster, which also sounds like a description of the Cincinnati Reds, a team that is practically the mirror image in the National League. With superstars down on the field who can do a little bit of everything, this is a game that is sure to have a style of baseball that will have you on the edge of your seat from the first pitch to the last.

Come out and see the Orioles and Reds and you'll be treated to plenty of towering homers, spectacular catches and nail-biting moments that will have you jumping out of your seat on a regular basis once again this season. Interleague play is also an opportunity to shake it up a bit, as the Orioles pitchers get to hit when they play at Great American Ballpark and the Reds get to bat a DH when they play at Camden Yards, providing an extra level of intrigue to a game that already has plenty of it. With some of the best players in the world battling it out on the diamond and some great fans in the stands, the atmosphere is sure to be nothing short of unbelievable if you love Major League Baseball.

Baltimore Orioles-Cincinnati Reds Team Info

The Orioles have been a part of the sports culture of Baltimore for decades thanks to a steady stream of great players and memorable seasons. We're talking great players like Frank Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr., Jim Palmer and plenty of others, not to mention a few World Series runs. The Reds, on the other hand, also have a very old and respected tradition of excellence as well. Guys like Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench and many more have played for the Reds, and they've put it together for nine different World Series titles overall.

If you've never seen the Orioles and the Reds do their thing on the diamond, there has never been a better time to change that as these two rising teams look to put up a win and make a move further up the standings. With great fan bases, superstars on the field and the promise of some nail-biting excitement, this is just one of those matchups that you don't want to get left out of thanks to the quality of baseball and atmosphere you an expect to see.

MLB Experience

Be there for all the most exciting moments in another Major League Baseball season filled with electrifying action that will have you talking well after the final pitch as the Isotopes put together another memorable season loaded with intense games that go right down to the wire. Baseball has been dubbed America's Pastime for a reason, and seeing a Major League Baseball game pays tribute to the old school roots of the great American sport and tends to be the perfect fit for the whole family. When you're in the stands in the middle of a game that could go either way, you'll definitely see loud and clear why this is still one of the most popular sports around.

Orioles-Reds History

MLB tickets to see the Reds play postseason baseball have been the top ticket in the sports ticket market in Ohio since their first World Series victory in 1919, and since then the Reds have become nothing short of icons of the Cincinnati sports scene. One of the best times to catch a Reds playoff game ticket was in the 1970s, when Pete Rose and the Big Red Machine came together one of the most dominant teams in history. Other great players like Barry Larkin, Ken Griffey, Ken Griffey Jr. and many, many more have played for the Reds, and you never know when the next great player is going to burst onto the scene with a banner season that will have everyone talking around town.

From Cal Ripken to Frank Robinson, and plenty of other great players in between, the Orioles, on the other hand, have one of those amazing histories that helped build a considerable reputation with the neighboring community. This is one of those teams that has become a major staple of the local sports scene, with three World Series titles and a steady string of great ballplayers. With a tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next, it doesn't get any better than Baltimore Orioles baseball.

Orioles-Reds Trivia

Did you know that Ken Griffey Jr. hit 40 homers in his first season with Cincinnati?

Though it was actually somewhat subpar for Griffey's standards, hitting 40 homers is still one of the hardest things to do in Major League Baseball, and Griffey would go on to hit an impressive 210 homers for the Reds.

Orioles-Reds Fans

Whether it's Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati or Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, this is a matchup that is sure to have a great backdrop filled with tens of thousands of passionate fans. Sure, you could try to conjure up the experience from home, but there is nothing close to the experience you'll have from the stands with your fellow fans. When you're there with the game on the line and the your favorite player coming to the plate, you'll see that it doesn't get any better than this.

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