Oklahoma Sooners Football Tickets

Oklahoma Sooners Football tickets

2014 Oklahoma Sooners Football Schedule

If you're looking for some great football loaded with the stars of both today and tomorrow, you've obviously come to the right place, as this is a team that can do a little bit of everything on the gridiron and they have no intentions of going quietly in the ultra-competitive Big 12. This is big boy football at its finest, as the Sooners get to go up against a steady stream of other perennial powerhouses from one season to the next, bringing all kinds of challenges and opportunities every single year. Each one of the Oklahoma Sooners home games will provide fans with a great experience, though you need to see that first-hand to truly appreciate it.

Come out for games against Kansas State (Oct. 18), Baylor (Nov. 8) or Kansas (Nov. 22) down the home stretch of the season and you'll be astounded by the incredible atmospheres, as Memorial Stadium in Normal is never lacking in passion and fanfare come game day. We know it's tempting to stay at home, but you're not going to get a better gauge for your favorite team than actually being there for all of the crucial snaps of a big home game, as the crowd will hinge on every single snap of the ball and it won't take long to get sucked up right into the heart of the excitement.

Then there are the road games, which provide even more opportunity to head out and see if the Sooners have what it takes in the Big 12. It's on the road that mediocre teams get separated from the really good ones, which is exactly what the Sooners will be looking to do during their quest to bring home some amazing away wins. Against teams like Iowa State (Nov. 1) or Texas Tech (Nov. 15), the experience will be pretty much self-explanatory, as it doesn't get any better than cheering for the Sooners to silence the home crowd during a huge road win. All in all, it's another season that is sure to be absolutely filled to the brim with nail-biting moments that you know you'll want to be a part of, providing more than enough incentive to head out and jump right into the action.

Oklahoma Sooners Football Team Info

Each year in the Big 12, a team to be reckoned with is the Oklahoma Sooners, and that's not something likely to change any time soon. Be there for all of the hard-hitting excitement this year as the Sooners look to pile up the wins and get back to the top of the conference standings, which will provide some thrilling moments along the way as they go blow-for-blow with some of the other national powerhouses. The strength of this year's team appears to be on the defensive side of the ball, where the Sooners' defensive line should be dominant. But they also have some serious talent on the offensive side as well – enough to keep defensive coordinators up at night before game day. 2014 could be a memorable year for the Sooners and you will want to be a part of it at Memorial Stadium right from the opening kickoff, as this is a team that has plenty of potential as they look to bring home some very big wins down the final stretch of the season.

The NCAA Football Experience

There are many great sporting events to choose from, though college football is one of the best in all the land. Sure, you can get a tiny glimpse of the game on your disappointing flatscreen, which is better than nothing, though the limitations on the experience make the live-viewing experience standout in a very big way. Even though the couch can be easy, there's nothing quite like actually being in the stands when your favorite team storms the gridiron for an exciting matchup against a top-tier opponent. As some of the best athletes in the country clash on the gridiron in a Sooners' uniform, you'll be treated to some intense competition that you'll be talking about well after the final whistle.

Oklahoma Sooners Football History

Championships aren't unfamiliar territory for the Oklahoma Sooners, as they boast one of the premier programs not only in the powerhouse-heavy Big 12 but the entire country. The Sooners have been drawing fans for more than a 100 years and in that time they have earned multiple accolades, including dozens of conference championships and bowl appearances and well over 100 First-Team All-Americans. In 2010, the Sooners became only the sixth team in NCAA football history to reach 800 wins with a victory over the Utah Utes, solidifying themselves as a powerhouse both historically and in the modern sense. Put it all together and it's not exactly hard to figure out why the Oklahoma Sooners are the pride of Norman, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Sooners Football Trivia

Who was the first Sooner to win the Heisman?

The answer was halfback Billy Vessels, who was a dominant player for the Sooners back in the early 1950s. In 1952, it really all came together for Vessels, who would rush for 100 yards or more on seven different occasions throughout the season while scoring 17 total touchdowns. At the end of the season, Vessels was given the Heisman and in 1953 he was snagged by the Baltimore Colts with the second overall pick in the NFL draft.

Oklahoma Sooners Football Fans

The Oklahoma Sooners have a storied stadium to back up their legacy of greatness in Memorial Stadium, a great venue that has been the backdrop for many unforgettable games over the years. The history of Memorial Stadiumdates back to when the stands were first constructed in 1925 and it featured a capacity of 16,000, though it has now expanded to more than 80,000 to make it one of the premier football stadiums in the country. Game day is a special time for Sooner fans around Norman, and this is a town that really springs to life in a very big way whenever Oklahoma is gearing up for a big college football bout. With tens of thousands of passionate fans streaming into the stands to see what the Sooners have in store, it simply doesn't get any better than this.

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