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Paul Barrere tickets

Paul Barrere tickets - Paul Barrere Tour

Paul Barrere Schedule

Keep an eye out for Paul Barrere tickets on StubHub. This long time music maker continues to play one-off shows from time to time. One of his upcoming shows is at the Woodlands Tavern in Columbus, Ohio, where Fred Tackett will accompany him on stage. This singer, songwriter and guitarist has a longstanding legacy in the music industry for his ties to the band Little Feat. He is a fabulous guitarist and entertainer, so make sure you get your tickets now so you don't miss out on your opportunity to see him in concert live.

About Paul Barrere

Paul Barrere was born in 1948 in Burbank, California. Having been born in Burbank, Paul Barrere grew up in Hollywood, where character actors raised him. In an interview with The Epiphone he discusses some of his influences, "My first real musical hero was Louis Armstrong. My father was a Dixieland fan and he had quite a few Satchmo 78s. There was something about that music that touched a nerve in me when I was really young. It made me feel good. From that time to when I became a teenager I was into folk music, bluegrass and blues." It is not a surprise that Paul Barrere continued to play such music in his professional career.

Paul Barrere gained recognition in the music industry as a member of the band Little Feat. Lowell George and Bill Payne founded the band in 1969 and it was not until 1972 that Paul Barrere joined them. Over the years, Paul Barrere worked with a great number of other musicians like Chicken Legs, Blues Busters, Valerie Carter, Helen Watson, Chico Hamilton, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Palmer, Eikichi Yazawa and Carly Simon, to name a few. Paul Barrere is known for much of his work with Little Feat. He wrote a number of songs for the band that include "Skin It Back," "Feats Don't Fail Me Now," "All That You Dream," and "Down on the Farm." Paul Barrere is interested in playing swing on the guitar and is skilled at playing blues, rock, jazz and Cajun music. Interestingly, Paul Barrere knows how to play the slide guitar, which is a guitar playing technique in which one slides against the strings to create new pitch. Paul Barrere both records and tours with Fred Tackett, who is also a member of Little Feat. The two play acoustic sets.

Paul Barrere Breakthrough

Paul Barrere was able to breakthrough to a place of recognition while playing with Little Feat, having written a number of well-respected songs. During his career he worked solo and released three albums on different record labels: On My Own two Feet (Mirage), Real Lies (Atlantic), and If the Phone Don't Ring (Zoo). During his time playing with Bluesbusters, he released three albums: This Time (Landslide), Merry Christmas (Tower), Accept No Substitutes (Landslide). In later years, Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett have released two albums: Live from North Café (Relix) and Live in the UK 2008 (Stonehenge).

Paul Barrere Trivia

Little Feat is the band that helped to bet Paul Barrere's career up and coming. It has changed its lineup numerous times over the years, but has maintained its calling to be a rock and roll, blues, rhythm and blues, boogie, country, folk, gospel, soul, funk and jazz-fusion band. It is an eclectic sound that makes it unique, drawing upon all of the various influences. Interestingly, Jimmy Page once told Rolling Stone Magazine that Little Feat was one of his favorite American bands. That was quite a compliment for Little Feat. There are a few different stories that exist regarding the genesis of Little Feat that only help to lead to the band's mystique because they all involve Frank Zappa firing Lowell George. At the time Lowell George was playing in Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention. While it is believed that Frank Zappa fired Lowell George from his band, it is also believed that Zappa was a leading force in helping George to get a record contract with Warner Brothers to record its first album. Of course, this was just prior to Paul Barrere joining the band in 1972. Little Feat added Paul Barrere as a second guitarist, as George had known Paul Barrere since attending high school together. He did more than simply play guitar, he also added back up vocals and wrote songs.

Paul Barrere Live Show Experience

The live show is full of experience, as Paul Barrere has been making music and playing on stages with some of the most talented musicians the world has to offer. The incorporation of various influences of musical genres make for an amazing time for audiences with an eclectic taste. While playing with Fred Tackett (guitar, mandolin and trumpet), the sets are acoustic. They provide a much different experience live than when you see both Paul Barerre and Fred Tackett on stage with Little Feat. What is undeniable is that over 40 years playing music is not something to take lightly when it is embodied in Paul Barrere and he is on stage in front of you.

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23 Oct
Oct 23, 2014 9:00 PM
Woodlands Tavern
Columbus, OH
9:00 p.m. EDT
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