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Penny Arcade Expo tickets

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) tickets - PAX (Penny Arcade Expo)

Penny Arcade Expo Schedule

The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the last few decades. In 2013, the average age of a video gamer was 30 with the number of female game players increasing. We have recently seen how dedicated people playing games through downloadable apps on social media and phones with the number of request received to join. We live in a world that is full of gaming and in particular the love of video games. At the Penny Arcade Expo, that love of video games is exemplified in all aspects of the event. The Penny Arcade Expo is sweeping the country since starting in 2004. At the various Penny Arcade Expo spots, video games that are the most coveted of that year are there to share with the community. There are games everywhere and celebrating all kinds of gaming. The people who attend the Expo are gamers who are incredibly passionate about the gaming world and participated in events like Omegathon, which is a tournament that picks random contestants to participate to win a top-notch prize. The Omegathon contest has included games like Tetris, Pong, Halo 3 and Skee Ball at previous events - get ready for a surprise to see what the game will be at the chosen location. If you are a gamer or even just someone with a mild interest in video games, check out the Penny Arcade Expo to get your game on. Some of the locations to keep your eye on are Seattle, Washington, Boston, Massachusetts, Melbourne, Victoria and San Antonio, Texas.

Penny Arcade Expo History

The Penny Arcade Expo initially started as a gaming festival in Bellevue, Washington and had approximately 3,300 people in attendance. It continued to have annual events after the success of the first one in 2004 before the interest in the Penny Arcade Expo grew in 2007 and continued to do so the following years. By 2010, the Penny Arcade Expo held its first of many more events in Boston with attendance comparable to the later successes of the Seattle Penny Arcade Expo.

Penny Arcade Expo Breakthrough

To accommodate the influx of interest, the creators of Penny Arcade Expo, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, expanded to have a supplemental event called Penny Arcade Expo Dev. It was designed to be an exclusive event for the game developing community without any press allowed. The aim was to let developers speak openly to one another in an environment that focused solely on their trade. And in recent years, the Penny Arcade expanded to San Antonio, Texas, but before it did it found an audience of gamers with open arms in Melbourne, Australia. Since its relatively humble but impressive beginnings the Penny Arcade Expo has been a go-to event for the gaming industry and a big part of the gaming culture. For years, the event has fostered an open dialogue among the industry by opening the communication channels with a keynote speaker who is a well-known expert in the gaming world. The event is included concerts that are associated with games and a number of panels to learn more about the gaming industry. There are also booths full of exhibitors from independent and commercial game developers. Each location is unique in offering different opportunities like playing games for free in designated areas, tournaments, a LAN party and, of course, the Omegathon. The Omegathon is the big happening that takes place at the close of the festival.

The Penny Arcade Expo Experience

Unlike the name suggests, one is not required to bring fists full of pennies in the literal sense to have a good time at The Penny Arcade Expo. There are so many cool and interesting gaming events and activities in which to participate that one cannot go wrong in attending this event. It is fun without putting pennies (or tokens or quarters in actual arcade games) in an orange-lit slot of old school gaming. The Penny Arcade Expo continues to grow into a fun and exciting event to attend and is offered at locations in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the globe. Go to check out new games, interact with game developers and other figureheads in the gaming industry, participate in panels and play some games! There will be so much going on that you will have to employ a bit of gaming logic to experience it all. It keeps getting better and you want to be there while it was still growing, get in now to continue to make it something that will transform the gaming world. We are now pushing for gaming to change the world in positive ways and it only makes sense to take advantage of an opportunity at the Penny Arcade Expo to make those connections to create the games that will change our future in positive ways.

Penny Arcade ExpoTrivia

The name Penny Arcade comes from a web-comic that was written by the Expo creators, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. They created the event to honor console gamers, computer gamers and tabletop gamers in the same fashion.

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