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Perfume Tickets

Perfume Tickets - Perfume Tour

Perfume Schedule

The Japanese techno pop rock girl band is coming to the United States and will play all-ages shows to promote the release of the album Level3. The members of the band are A-Chan, Kashiyka and Nocchi. If there is one thing that stands out about this three-piece from Japan is how upbeat and futuristic sound and aesthetic. The band's website is quite impressive in its use of technology and futuristic design elements. Initially focusing on the Japanese market, Perfume decided to hit the global scene in 2012 and continues to make appearances in North American, Europe and Asia. Get your tickets now to see Perfume in Hollywood and help this dynamic trio propel into the future as the next big global artist. They will definitely provide something to look at in addition to creative sounds.

About Perfume

The band was founded in 2000 as one of the top techno-pop rock bands in Japan. The band consists of three members who are interested in invoking a futuristic feel to their performances and a number of videos on YouTube. Perfume's sound is produced by Yasutaka Nakata and has led to numerous accolades and awards in Japan. The trio has one platinum album, a number of singles with gold status, as well as two additional albums considered gold. Of course, this does not represent all that Perfume has to offer, only the reason they have become pop icons in Japan.

Perfume Breakthrough

The women of Perfume released their major album in 2005 and it led to the first breakthrough hit with the song "Polyrhythm" in 2007. This is a song that many considered to take the techno pop world in Japan to a new level in the mainstream market. It launched Perfume into a position of notoriety, leading to a number of appearances on television programs and public advertisements. One of Perfume's songs was featured in the motion picture Cars 2. Being put in such a spotlight helped to make Perfume the coveted techno pop band in Japan.

Perfume Live Show Experience

The band had its first national tour in 2008. It took some time, but they finally played one of Tokyo's top-notch venues, Tokyo Dome in 2010. The band started its tour in Japan and plans to have 22 shows, covering 13 cities. The expected audiences have now reached up to 200,000 people, making it one of the profound tours of Perfume's career to date. The live shows are full of the creative energy of the performers and there are most certainly elements of the future that encapsulate the ambiance of a live show of Perfume. The nature of this techno pop outfit would not where they are today without the larger than life creatively futuristic impression they make on a live stage.

Perfume Trivia

Recently, Perfume posted a video on Facebook showing that the new EP "Cling Cling" was shown on MTV Taiwan, after being released there on July 25. It is clear that Perfume is taking Asia by storm. Perfume also posted facts and figures about the song "Hold Your Hand." Apparently, on a website called Shuttlerock, photographs of hands were sent to be posted. Over 20 countries and regions of the world are represented in the photographs of hands. There were 500 photos that were selected to be showcased in the video and the members of Perfume and Director took great cared in the process. It appears to been an effort to create a lyric video by using hands of the global community who follow and love the techno pop rock music of Perfume. According to the Universal website, "Perfume's very first lyric video "Hold Your Hand" was recently unveiled. This lyric video was created with the hands of all staffs and parties involved with Perfume and are working hard as team Perfume. To complete the full version of this video, we want to borrow the hands of our fans who always send us warm love and support. Everyone from Japan and from around the world, please write the letters on your hands, in any color you want and send us the photos." As mentioned in the statement, a short version of the lyric video was provided for example, along with specific instructions on how to do it. The concept was well-received by fans from across the globe as the team was successful in creating the first lyric video for the band and will be available on social media and YouTube, along with many of Perfume's additional music videos. Perfume is gaining popularity and has over 270,000 likes on Facebook and each of their posts can have an upwards of 4,000 likes and many shares. The most recent post regarding the full music video "Cling Cling" is an example of such popularity on social media. This is a band that is bigger than life in Japan and is ready to captivate a larger demographic of the North American market. Go see them while you can still say that you liked them first. Get your tickets on StubHub now!

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09 Nov
Perfume Tickets Nov 09, 2014 7:00 PM
Hollywood Palladium
Hollywood, CA
7:00 p.m. PST
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$32.50 USD

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New York New York Metro Events
15 Nov
Perfume Tickets Nov 15, 2014 8:00 PM
8:00 p.m. EST
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$84.01 USD

299 tickets left
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