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2014 Preakness Stakes Tickets

2014 Preakness Stakes tickets

The Event

Horse racing fans from all over the world will flock to Pimlico Raceway in Baltimore, MD this May to see one of the best racing events of the year, The Preakness Stakes. The 2014 Preakness Stakes is sure to feature some of the top race horses in the world, and being there in person is a special experience than any appreciator of the sport would love to do. This event is a part of the Triple Crown, which is a series of three annual horse races that are among the most important in the sport. Fans will pack into the stands for this huge race and watch some of the most incredible animals they've ever seen race down the track at incredible speeds. You can join the biggest horse racing fans for the 2014 Preakness this year, as this is certainly an event that any horse racing fan would love to attend. The power and grace of these animals is simply amazing when you witness them take off down the track in person, and it's only the best of the best horses that get to hit the track at Pimlico Raceway. The 2014 race is set to take place on May 17th and should be a fantastic display of the breeding of these horses and the skills in the jockeys atop them.

The Sport

Horse racing is a sport that dates back all the way to ancient Greece. People have been coming together to watch these majestic animals run for a very long time, and for good reason. These horses really are athletes themselves, and some of the most impressive ones at that. The three biggest races of the year are the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness, a trio of competitions that are known as the Triple Crown of racing. The Preakness annually features the best of the best among all the horses in the United States and beyond. Seeing this race is an experience in itself, as there is a lot of fanfare that goes along with the actual race. Horse racing holds a special place in the hearts of many folks, and fans of the sport take it very seriously.

The Experience

Horse racing is an exciting way to spend the day, and you can even make a little money while you're at it. The track attracts people from all walks of life, as it resonates with most anyone that experiences a prestigious race in person in their lifetime. There is a lot of preparation that goes into a big race like this one, as the trainers, jockeys and horses themselves go through a rigorous regimen with the hopes of giving their team the best chance to cross the finish line first.

When you see a horse race in person, you're sure to get caught up in the excitement that has gripped people for centuries upon centuries. When you see the horse you've been rooting for cross the finish line ahead of the pack, there's no better feeling. It's an exhilarating ride, and you'll almost feel as though you're in the race yourself. Anytime you have the opportunity to attend a prestigious horse racing event like this one, it's simply a chance that you can't afford to pass up.

The History

The Preakness Stakes has been a part of horse racing since the opening gate all the way back in the year 1873, providing some unbelievable moments over the years. Three-year-old thoroughbreds have been making the journey to Maryland for the Preakness Stakes on the third Saturday in May annually ever since Survivor won the pot in the first race, and you never know when you're going to see the next amazing race that will capture the imagination of the sports world. Some of the most well-known horses to win this race include War Emblem, Affirmed, Seattle Slew and Secretariat. This is truly one of the most amazing horse races in the world each and every year, and that's why so many people look to head out to the track to see it happen live and in person.

The Preakness Stakes is one of the most prestigious horse races in the world, and a part of the renowned Triple Crown of horse racing. Along with the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes, the Preakness is a showcase of the finest thoroughbreds in the sport. This is one of the most celebrated races in history and remains one of the most popular events in horse racing to this day. People from all over the world head to Pimlico on an annual basis to catch a glimpse of this incredible event.

The Fans

Fans of the sport of horse racing are about as passionate as they come, and when it comes to an event like the Preakness Stakes that passion comes out even more. These fans will pack into the stadium at Pimlico Race Track to be a part of an annual tradition that is steeped in history. Every year the stands at Pimlico are brimming with some of the most passionate horse racing fans in all the world, and for good reason. These fans know that only the best horses are invited to race in the Preakness Stakes, and getting an up close and personal view of these animals as they charge down the track is an opportunity that few pass up. You can be there this year to witness all that this historic race has to offer horse racing fans, so make sure to hit the stands at Pimlico. It doesn't get any better than this for fans of the sport.


The Preakness Stakes has been run at a length of 1 3/16 miles for a long time now. Since when has that distance been established length for this race?

The answer is 1925, when the race's distance was changed from 1 1/8 miles to 1 3/16, making it just a little bit longer. The distances was changed five times between 1873 and 1925 before settling on the length that the race has become known for.

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