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Purdue Boilermakers Basketball Tickets

Purdue Boilermakers Basketball tickets

2014-2015 Purdue Boilermakers Basketball Schedule

The Boilermakers have a talented team this is looking to rise in the ranks of the Big Ten Conference, one of the top sets of teams in all of college basketball. As a member of the Big Ten, the Boilermakers have plenty of very stiff competition from one season to the next as they go up against a steady stream of powerhouses in one of the toughest conferences in the nation. Come out and see the Boilermakers as they look to pile up the wins with smooth three-pointers, pinpoint passes and nail-biting moments that will have you jumping out your seat on a regular basis throughout the season. It won't be easy considering the programs they'll be squaring up against, but the Boilermakers have a balanced team that can do a little bit of everything, giving you plenty of reasons to put down the remote and see it all for yourself.

Of course, it will all come together at Mackey Arena for all of the crucial matchups of the season. Powerhouse rivalries have been created against teams like Northwestern, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan and more, creating one intense battle after another throughout the regular season in the Big 10 for the Boilermakers. There's nothing quite like a prominent Big 10 home game featuring the Purdue Boilermakers, but you're not really going to understand that sitting at home daydreaming about what the buzz of the crowd is like when your favorite player knocks down that go-ahead jumper in the face of the opposition's All-American. Nope, there's nothing else like it, and there's simply no chance of conjuring up the same atmosphere anywhere else – no matter how impressive you think your entertainment system is.

But you also don't want to forget about the road games, as the Boilermakers' fans know how to hit the road to show their team spirit whenever Purdue heads out for an exciting away matchup. Big road matchups are all over the schedule for the Boilermakers once again this season, and every fan needs to see their favorite team away from home sooner or later, because you'll end up with a completely different perspective on your favorite team. Once you're there in the middle of an exciting matchup loaded with twists, turns and rim-rocking moments, you'll definitely be glad that you're not sitting anywhere else.

Purdue Boilermakers Basketball Team Info

Though the Boilermakers are also clearly known for their prominent football team, squads around the Big 10 know better than to take them lightly on the court, as they always have a formidable team that makes it very hard on their Big 10 rivals. They've had multiple different players win the Big 10 Player of the Year award and they've had more than their fair share of All-Americans over the years, helping more than a few stars take their game to the next level. With another team that can do a little bit of everything on both ends of the basketball court, the Boilermakers definitely won't be going quietly in the Big 10, giving fans plenty of reasons for optimism as they look to put together another memorable season of action.

College Basketball Experience

If you've never been to a Purdue Boilermakers home game at Mackey Arena, then you've been missing out on being a part of some of the most riveting sports action that can be found in the United States. The best athletes in the college sports world hit the court each week in an effort to prove that they've got what it takes to help their teams to victory. When you're there, you'll be amazed at how passionate and energetic the fans are around these parts, as it's the fans that help bring the whole experience up a notch to make it very clear that you can't find a similar atmosphere anywhere else. College basketball – particularly at this level – is known for being a premier spectator sport, and a little bit of Boilermakers basketball will give you a great example of why that is.

Purdue Boilermakers Basketball History

Dating all the way back to 1896, the Boilermakers of Purdue have been iconic members of the local sports scene around the campus. The Boilermakers put together a title run in 1932, marking one of their finest seasons, but have since turned into a powerhouse in the modern era, delivering plenty of prominent NBA prospects as well as a steady stream of winning seasons in the Big 10, the conference that tends to be credited as having some of the most talent in the country. The Boilermakers have made it to the Big Dance dozens of times and have headed deep into the Tournament as well, and you never know when their talented team is going to put the pieces together and give their fans another electrifying season that ends with them shooting their way toward a title.

Purdue Boilermakers Basketball Trivia

Did you know that John Wooden was an All-American for three straight years at Purdue?

Wooden was such a phenomenal coach during his years at UCLA that many basketball fans forget – or never even find out – that he started as a dominant guard at Purdue. Between 1930 and 1932, Wooden was a consensus All-American each season, with his college career culminating by being named the Player of the Year during his senior year.

Purdue Boilermakers Fans

Mackey Arena is not going to be quiet come game time this season, and there's nothing like being there come tip-off when the Boilermakers are squaring off against another talented team, creating an electrifying atmosphere that is nothing shy of incredible if you love the spectacle of sport. When you're there in person to be a part of the game, you'll quickly find that you'll get into the action like some of the biggest fans in the country. Though it's the talent down below that gets fans into the arena, it's the fan camaraderie that takes the whole experience to the next level, but you're not going to be able to duplicate that from home no matter how hard you try.

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