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Raffi Tickets

Raffi Tickets - Raffi Tour

Raffi is Right on Schedule

Come on, we know you catch yourself singing the folk inspired children's song, "Something in My Shoe" by Raffi, even when your kid isn't in the room. It is just one of those things that parents do. Not to mention, you likely watched Raffi as a child. While we will keep your singing of Raffi songs in the shower a secret, it is great to know that it won't just be your child having a wonderful time seeing Raffi in person, but you will too. A Raffi concert is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your children to the world of live music theater, if you have not already. He is known for such a wonderful and charismatic spirit that will make the faces of both parent and child light up with joy. It may even be the case that he was one of your first concerts as a kid. There is nothing like passing along your favorite childhood memories to your child. Now, you can do just that by taking your kid to see Raffi, as his songs from the seventies are just as apt for the kids today.

About Raffi the Entertainer of Children

First and foremost, Raffi Cavoukian (Raffi) exudes the wonder and excitement of a child. His compassion, patience and fun are infectious to adults and children alike. He spent the middle part of the 1970s performing and playing concerts for children. Now, those children have grown up to have children of their own that enjoy the tunes that capture the attention of any child over the past three decades. He is great for young children, as he helps walk them through his songs that encourage audience participation and play. While Raffi plays a pretend trumpet with his mouth, the audience claps or hums depending on their part in the song. If the young audience gets out of time with the music, Raffi gently and affectionately brings them back.

Raffi has a long history working as an entertainer for children and has taken on many roles: singer, songwriter, music producer and performer. He has a track of recordings that are paved in gold and platinum. One of his classic songs is called "Baby Beluga." What is more is that Raffi founded his own record label. The label was called Troubadour, which suited his folk musician ways. His plan was to save the quality of children's music from suffering poor production. At the time, he strongly advocated the children not be exposed to too much television. Therefore, he elected not to participate in commercial television shows or other endorsements. It definitely did not hurt his career. In recent years, he turned down the opportunity to make a film about Baby Beluga. In spite of turning down such seemingly good opportunities, Raffi does good work.

Trivia on Raffi the Ecology Advocate, Entrepreneur and Author

Did you know that every single one of Raffi's shows during his current North American tour is in benefit of a nonprofit organization that he founded? The nonprofit is called the Centre for Child. The Centre puts forward the idea that children should be the focus of our society to ensure its sustainability. The tagline is, "Respecting Earth and Child" and it is located in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada. What does the organization mean by the tagline? The idea is that the concept of "child honoring" is a social change revolution that keeps children at the heart. As the Founder, Raffi has created a Covenant for Honouring Children that includes nine basic principles that align with the United Nations Convention On the Rights of the Child. What are some examples of what parts comprise the Covenant? 1. All children are created whole and entitled to love and the opportunity to find purpose in one's life. 2. Our young should be nurtured and nourished. 3. Commit to peaceful ways. The nine principles are respectful love, diversity, caring community, conscious parenting, emotional intelligence, nonviolence, safe environments, sustainability, and ethical commerce. This trivia is certainly not trivial to Raffi and is certainly the reason that parents and children are so receptive to him.

A Musical Breakthrough For Children

According to Raffi, "Respect for the child as a whole person was the core value during my music career." Raffi had a successful career and is now back on stage, entertaining the kids of the kids that helped make his musical success; however, his breakthrough may actually be his new vision for the world in his integrated philosophy, "Child Honouring." Raffi has outlined his proposed meta-framework for a societal transformation at Harvard, the World man and the New York Academy of Medicine. To go from singing songs to Child Honouring is a huge breakthrough. Raffi is back on stage singing and connected with a second generation of children in the spirit of Child Honouring. To Raffi, "Child Honouring is both a way of life and a holistic organizing principle for healing communities and restoring ecosystems."

Famous Performances

In 2001, Raffi sang the song "Turn This World Around" for the late Nelson Mandela. Raffi was inspired by Mandela's call to leaders of the global community to make social change for the children.

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