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REO Speedwagon Tickets

REO Speedwagon tickets - REO Speedwagon Tour

REO Speedwagon Concert Schedule

Since 1967, REO Speedwagon has been rocking out on stages all over the world, wowing audiences with their high-energy live performance and repertoire of chart-topping hits. With hits like "Can't Fight This Feeling" and "Keep On Loving" to their name, there's no doubt that REO Speedwagon is one of the most iconic rock outfits around, and these talented rock stars are still bringing the heat to stages during their live performances. REO Speedwagon's current lineup consists of Neal Doughty, Kevin Cronin, Bruce Hall, Dave Amato, and Bryan Hitt, and after so many decades of phenomenal success, this American rock outfit is gearing up for another round of highly anticipated show, and you definitely don't want to miss out!

Throughout the course of their career, REO Speedwagon has sold a whopping 40 million albums worldwide, and they have accrued numerous charting rock hits, making this rock outfit one of the most iconic bands of the past several decades. REO Speedwagon didn't start out as smash successes, but they gradually built their career and their reputation to become one of the most successful bands in the world by the '80s, and now you can see them rock out on stage in person! Whether you first became enamored with REO Speedwagon during the '70s or just last year, you definitely shouldn't miss your opportunity to see them perform in concert, as they have undoubtedly become one of the most iconic bands around.

This fall, REO Speedwagon is bringing their massive repertoire of hit rock songs to stages in West Memphis, Nashville, Niagara Falls, and Windsor, and these concerts are sure to be the talk of the town this season. On April 10, 2015, REO Speedwagon will also be stepping out on stage at the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, Rhode Island for a highly anticipated rock show. No matter where you see them perform, REO Speedwagon is bound to blow you away with their fantastic rock tunes and high energy levels, so don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers and head to StubHub today! Thanks to StubHub, you can score tickets to see REO Speedwagon live in concert so that you can rock out to some of their best jams!

REO Speedwagon Background

In 1966, two college students, Alan Gratzer and Neal Doughty, met at the University of Illinois and decided to start a rock band. In 1967, the band decided on the name REO Speedwagon, and they soon scored their first live gig—a performance at a frat party, which ultimately ended in a massive food fight. Despite this shaky first gig, REO Speedwagon became one of the most popular bands on campus, playing regularly at frat parties, campus bars, and various university events. Over the next several years, the band's lineup changed a handful of times, and eventually they had become such a solid band that they attracted the attention of Epic Records, who signed REO Speedwagon in 1971.

After playing countless shows throughout the Midwest, REO Speedwagon released its eponymous debut album in 1971. The band started generating serious popularity across the country, despite its numerous changes in lead singers. By 1977, the members of REO Speedwagon had recognized that their major success came through their live shows, where their true talent and infectious rock vibes shone brightest. Because of this, REO Speedwagon decided to record a live album, Live: You Get What You Play For, which became a massive success and was later certified platinum. From there, it was as if REO Speedwagon couldn't be stopped, as their reputation for being one of the best live rock bands around spread like wildfire. Not only had REO Speedwagon become a major force on the touring circuit, but they also started to achieve serious mainstream success with their albums and singles.

In 1980, REO Speedwagon released Hi Infidelity, which remains their most successful album to date. The album featured hit singles like "Keep On Loving You", "Take It On the Run", and "Don't Let Him Go". This wildly successful album has sold over 10 million copies around the world, making it one of the most popular rock albums in the history of music. Throughout the '80s, REO Speedwagon churned out hit after hit, and they never failed to pack their arena-rock shows with thousands of excited fans. REO Speedwagon had spent years building a fan base and working toward mainstream success, and once they achieved it, they never looked back. Their international fame just continued to soar through the roof, and rock lovers everywhere would travel far and wide to see REO Speedwagon in concert. Now you have the chance to see this iconic rock outfit put on another knockout show—simply head to StubHub to secure your spot in the audience at an upcoming REO Speedwagon concert today!

Greatest Hits

Throughout the years, REO Speedwagon has released 16 studio albums, eight live albums, 20 compilation albums, and 34 singles. They have achieved numerous gold, platinum, and multi-platinum certifications for their albums, with Hi-Infidelity ranking as their most popular album to date, selling over 10 million copies around the world. Some of REO Speedwagon's biggest hits include major rock anthems like "Keep On Loving You", "Take It On the Run", "Don't Let Him Go", "Keep the Fire Burnin'", "Can't Fight This Feeling", "One Lonely Night", "In My Dreams", "Here With Me", and "Love Is a Rock".

There is no doubt that REO Speedwagon is one of the most iconic rock bands in music history, and now you can score tickets to one of their upcoming shows right here on StubHub!


In 2009, REO Speedwagon released its own online video game as a marketing strategy.

The Experience

If you want to rock out to some of the greatest songs of the '80s, make sure that you have your tickets to see REO Speedwagon in concert. This legendary rock outfit has put on countless electrifying rock shows throughout the years, and now you can experience the magic in person once you grab your REO Speedwagon tickets on StubHub!

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