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Rivalry On Ice Tickets

Rivalry On Ice Tickets

Rivalry on Ice Hockey – Harvard vs. Yale

One of the most highly anticipated events in the entire college hockey season is the annual matchup of the Harvard Crimson versus the Yale Bulldogs. Harvard and Yale have a long and storied history as rivals in all college athletics and their rivalry in the hockey rink is certainly no exception, making the Rivalry on Ice in January one of the games that you definitely don't want to miss out on if you're a fan of either team. Be prepared for some of the most bone-rattling hits as well as the fiercest competition on ice when the two schools collide for their annual Rivalry on Ice. College athletics offers up some of the best competition in the world of sports and the student athletes representing two of the Ivy League's premiere institutions make you immediately aware of this fact from the second they take the ice.

Each winter, this is a game takes place at the historic Madison Square Garden in New York City, giving you the perfect backdrop for a huge game, not to mention a venue that is known for hosting some of the biggest sporting events in the country every single year. The intensity of this game and the rivalry as a whole is simply too big to be relegated to a college arena so it takes place year after year at one of the most revered sports arenas in the world. Once you're there in the middle of a nail-biter that could go either way, you'll definitely be glad that you're not still sitting at home wondering what the atmosphere of the big game is like.

Team Info

As two of the oldest universities in the country, it should come as no surprise that both Yale and Harvard are home to two of the oldest collegiate hockey teams as well. Both schools are in possession of proud histories both academically and athletically, and the fans of both schools' hockey teams are just as dedicated and vociferous as the fans of any other sport at any other school in the country, if not more so. When these two long-standing rivals face off against one another in the ice rink there is no holding back, either on the ice or in the stands and the level of electricity in Madison Square Garden in unparalleled. But that's not something that you're going to figure out from home, as this is a matchup that springs to a completely different level when you get a chance to see it in person.

The College Hockey Experience

These guys simply need to be seen first-hand at some point, as you'll be treated to a game filled with unbelievable moments that you won't soon forget as the best college hockey players around battle it out on the ice. And even though there are plenty of ways to follow the action these days, you simply can't get the same experience from home sitting on your couch hoping to get a glimpse of the game on that tiny little flatscreen. More than most top-tier college matchups even, the Rivalry on Ice is one of those games that you absolutely have to see for yourself to truly appreciate, as there is something about being there for all of the crucial moments as fans from both sides are glued to the action from the opening face-off all the way through the final whistle.

Rivalry on Ice History

Both Harvard and Yale play hockey in the ECAC, the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference, which is one of the most hotly contested hockey leagues in the country. This could well be the season that either Harvard or Yale separate themselves from the pack of the other ten participants in the league and take the title home to either Connecticut or Massachusetts. The path will not be easy however, as both teams will have to eventually face Brown, Army, Cornell, Dartmouth, and several other hockey powerhouses. With such incredible competition, both Harvard and Yale understand that they need to show some major signs in games like the Rivalry on Ice to gather some momentum heading into the home stretch of the season, making this a matchup that is never lacking in fanfare from one year to the next.

Rivalry on Ice Trivia

Did you know that the Crimson have been to the Final Four 12 different times?

Over the years, the Crimson have turned into nothing shy of a national powerhouse, making the Final Four a dozen times and even pulling down a title, which they did in their program's best season in 1989. Though the Bulldogs haven't been to the Final Four quite as often, they still have won a national title – a feat they pulled off in 2013.

Rivalry on Ice Fans

Hockey fans in general are some of the most passionate sports fans around, but nothing quite matches the fanaticism surrounding college hockey and Harvard Crimson and Yale Bulldogs hockey fans are some of the most dedicated and vociferous fans in the entire NCAA. On game day at Madison Square Garden, the fans file in and take their seats when the cheering and chanting begins. As the clock winds down closer and closer to the dropping of the puck the crowd works itself into a frenzy. Put it all together and you end up with the perfect atmosphere for a highly anticipated matchup, giving you plenty of reasons to head out and see your favorite rivalry the way it was meant to be seen.

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