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Rufus Wainwright Tickets

Rufus Wainwright tickets - Rufus Wainwright Tour

Rufus Wainwright Schedule

With so many great venues to choose from, Rufus Wainwright is likely to be rocking the stage at a venue near you sooner or later. And once you're there, you'll understand loud and clear what all the excitement is about, as Rufus Wainwright brings a powerful sound that always make for an unbelievable show whenever he's in town. Though there are plenty of options for music these days, there is still nothing quite like actually being there for all of the biggest moments of a highly anticipated concert event, and that's exactly what you're going to get whenever you get out to see Rufus Wainwright do his thing.

With a tour that will take Wainwright all over, there's bound to be a show either down the street or a short road trip away, giving you plenty of reasons to put down the remote and make sure you get out to see one of the most talented singer/songwriters on the scene. Ever since he first burst onto the scene in 1993, Wainwright has been building his fan base with his unique style and exciting sound that has been captivating fans all over the world.

Rufus Wainwright Trivia

Did you know that Wainwright has frequently been a part of various film productions?

With actual appearances in The Aviator and Heights and tracks recorded for films like Shrek, Moulin Rouge!, Brokeback Mountain and many more, showing that he's no stranger to the cinema. But even though he's used to adding his sound to films, he's still at his best when he's in front of a live audience that has been waiting all week to see the show, giving you plenty of incentive to grab a few seats and make sure that you don't miss an event that will have you buzzing long after it wraps.

Rufus Wainwright Background

Born in Montreal in 1973, Rufus Wainwright was raised by his mother, singer/songwriter Kate McGarrigle. She introduced him to jazz, opera and folk-pop music at a young age and he started touring with her at the age of 13. Inspired by Judy Garland and Al Jolson, Wainwright released his solo debut in 1998 and has been charming audiences with his pop music and more ever since. Since his eponymous debut album in 1998, Rufus Wainwright has been delivering his smooth pop music to eager fans everywhere, touring with the likes of Tori Amos and others. With seven successful albums under his belt and a long list of theater, TV and film credits, Rufus Wainwright is just one of those musicians you don't want to miss if he's hitting a stage near you.

Rufus Wainwright Concert Tour

Whether the big show goes down at the Howard Theatre in D.C., the Orpheum Theatre in L.A., or any of the other top-tier venues that Rufus Wainwright might show up at, this is just one of those shows that you absolutely have to be a part of sooner or later. With a tour that will be all over the place, this unique punk rocker is sure to bring the house down at a venue near you, giving you plenty of reasons to forget your favorite playlist and actually hear this heart-pounding band do their thing in front of a live audience. Once you're there, you'll be glad that you're not anywhere else, as the live music experience is still easily the best way to truly appreciate a talented musician like Rufus Wainwright as he connects with a live audience like few artists can.

The Concert Experience

In the day of readily available media, it can be easy to stay away from the stage and just catch your favorite tunes on your many difference devices – all of which pale in comparison with actually being there and hearing your favorite songs with thousands of your fellow fans. Come out and see a live concert experience that you'll be talking about well after it's over, as seeing a great band or artist first-hand is just one of those events that you won't soon forget.

But even though there are plenty of bands to choose from these days, and plenty of ways to hear them as well, there is still nothing better than hearing a powerful singer/songwriter like Rufus Wainwright. You can't just take anyone's word for it, though, as the intangibles of actually being there are nearly impossible to describe, no matter how tempting it is to just read your favorite blog or magazine describe the show that you know you wish you went to. Don't make that mistake when it comes to Rufus Wainwright, as you'll end up with a concert experience loaded with moments that will have you reaching for the Wainwright playlist as soon as you get home. With thousands of fans at your side and Rufus doing his thing, you'll understand loud and clear what all the buzz is about.

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28 Jul
Rufus Wainright Tickets Jul 28, 2014 8:00 PM
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18 Oct
Rufus Wainwright Tickets (21+ Event) Oct 18, 2014 8:00 PM
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08 Nov
Rufus Wainwright Tickets Nov 08, 2014 8:00 PM
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