Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football Tickets

Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football tickets

2014 Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football Schedule

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights are back with another talented team and are eager to make their mark on the Big 10, which is an exciting challenge that has fans buzzing all over town. Piscataway, New Jersey is a great sports town that really springs to life whenever the Scarlet Knights are gearing up for a highly anticipated matchup, though you're only going to see that if you head out to watch the Knights the way they were meant to be seen. It won't be easy as they go up against a steady string of powerhouses in a new division, but the Knights have too much talent to go quietly and will be looking to bring home some big wins along the way.

Home games at High Point Solutions Stadium are always loaded and that's a trend that is sure to continue as the Scarlet Knights take on some other prominent teams throughout the course of the season. Come out and see the Knights against teams like Wisconsin (Nov. 1) or Indiana (Nov. 15) down the home stretch of the season and you'll be treated to some mesmerizing college football in which absolutely anything can happen. When the Knights are driving down the field in the middle of a nail-biter that has all the makings of an instant classic, it won't exactly be hard to figure out what Rutgers football is all about.

But even though the home games are obviously the play throughout the year, you don't want to forget about the road matchups either. Hit the road and travel with the team as the Knights take on Nebraska (Oct. 25), Michigan State (Nov. 22) or Maryland (Nov. 29) and you'll be a part of a great atmosphere as you watch your Knights from a completely different perspective. All in all, it's another season loaded with opportunities for fans to see the Knights in an exciting era of football, bringing all kinds of fanfare to the stands for all of the most anticipated matchups on the Knights' schedule this season.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights Team Info

The Scarlet Knights are ready for another season that is sure to be filled to the bring with big moments as they look to pile up the wins and make a move up the standings in the Big 10, a place where you can find many of the very best teams in the nation. With a bevy of different players who figure to contribute in the upcoming season, the Knights are ready to show off their talented roster that is sure to give the rest of the Big 10 some serious headaches all year long as they look to establish their program in a new conference. Rutgers has one of the oldest football programs in the nation and it continues to rise to the challenge, which is exactly what the Scarlet Knights will be looking to do once again moving deeper into the tradition of the powerhouse-heavy Big 10.

NCAA Football Experience

When you head out to a big college football game, you'll be amazed by the incredible energy that is swirling around the stadium. The crowd is always in a frenzy by the time kick-off rolls around, and the anticipation is an amazing part of the experience of seeing a game in person. When you're there amidst thousands of screaming fans, then you'll feel the contagious nature of cheering and soon find yourself up and out of your seat yelling for the home team. At that point, the home-viewing experience will simply pale in comparison and you'll see the big-time limitations of trying to watch on that disappointing flatscreen.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football History

The Scarlet Knights first took the field all the way back in 1869 and have been compiling a rich history of memorable seasons ever since. The history of Rutgers football is tied to the history of NCAA football, giving fans plenty of thrills in more than 100 years of action in which this game has grown and grown. Things have obviously changed a bit since the real early days, but the passion and energy surrounding this team has never been higher thanks to a budding football program that has a habit of churning out electrifying playmakers. The Knights have also won more than 600 games in their history while winning a few conference titles and developing 45 different All-Americans to solidify themselves as one of the great programs in the East.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football Trivia

Can you name the three Knights to be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft?

The highest of all-time is Anthony Davis, who was selected 11th overall by the San Francisco 49ers in 2010. Also making an impact in the draft were Devin McCourty (27th overall, Patriots) and Kenny Britt (30th overall, Titans). The Knights have also had plenty of other players head on to play on the pro level as well, giving them a reputation for being a program that always has some of the stars of both today and tomorrow.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights Fans

Rutgers Stadium first opened in 1994 and didn't take long to become a staple of the campus, giving fans the perfect backdrop for a big football game. If you've never seen the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in action up close and personal, there has never been a better time to ditch the couch and get immersed in the total experience as the Knights look to give their fans another memorable season. Join the biggest Rutgers football fans in the stands at the stadium this season and see if the Scarlet Knights can come out on top. When you have two talented teams going blow-for-blow down on the gridiron, particularly when one of those teams has the winning tradition of Rutgers, the experience will completely speak for itself and not even the pro game can really compare. And that's because there is something extra special about it being all about the university pride, which is exactly what you'll see loud and clear whenever the Scarlet Knights take to the gridiron.

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