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Sacramento State Hornets Football Tickets

Sacramento State Hornets Football tickets

2014 Sacramento State Hornets Football Schedule

When the Hornets hit the gridiron, the stands are sure to have an electric atmosphere for a reason, and it isn't because the Hornets have a lack of explosive athletes that know a thing or two about putting on a show. Get out to the stadium and see all of the action the way it was meant to be seen as the Hornets look to make some major noise in the Big Sky, a conference that has some serious talent that will bring all kinds of challenges and opportunities this season for the Hornets. This is a program that has become a major part of the campus in Sacramento, California, and you'll see that passion come out in a major way when the Hornets hit the gridiron this season looking to make some waves.

One look at the schedule and you'll also see that there are all kinds of options that will have fans glued to the action this season. Against Weber State, Montana State, Cal Poly and more, the Hornets have all types of intriguing matchups at home that will bring plenty of fanfare into the stands at Hornet Stadium, a place where fans have been convening for decades at this point. Put it all together and this is a team that you definitely won't want to miss out on as they look to take the next step forward in the always competitive Big Sky.

Sacramento State Hornets Football Team Info

Over the years, the Sacramento State Hornets have earned the reputation for hard-fought games, which has helped to make them an integral part of the sports scene around Sacramento. The Hornets play in the very competitive Big Sky conference, one of the toughest conferences around the country thanks to a revolving door of talented players that come through the conference. If you've never been out to an exciting home game featuring the Hornets, you have absolutely no idea what you've been missing all this time. In 2013, the Sacramento State Hornets had some prominent wins but ended up right in the middle of the Big Sky, which is something the Hornets will be looking to improve with another intense season of action. Once you're there in the middle of an amazing matchup that has fans roaring, you'll definitely be glad that you didn't skip the big Hornets' matchup.

NCAA Football Experience

Imagine that the game is on the line and your favorite team is digging in looking to pull down a big win. Sure, you could see a glimpse of the big game from your living room, but it's a different experience altogether to actually be there to see all of the action unfold. With a field filled with talented playmakers, you'll be treated to a top-tier sporting event that will be unlike anything else, so don't wait too long to start making your plans to join in the excitement in another hard-hitting season of action. No matter how many other sporting events there are out there, it doesn't get any better than college football played at a high level.

Sacramento State Hornets Football History

Since first getting rolling in 1954, the Sacramento State Hornets have been building a strong football program that has had more than a few great seasons. With four conference titles and more than 250 all-time wins in a relatively short span, the Hornets have had some very talented players come through their roster and continue to make some serious noise in the Big Sky from one season to the next. This is a team that continues to play very tough opponents and have gained a reputation of being a squad that can pull a major upset against, which they've done against teams like Oregon State, Colorado and more. With the Hornets looking to take the next step forward with their program, it doesn't get any better than this.

Sacramento State Hornets Football Trivia

Did you know that 20 different Hornets have been drafted into the NFL?

Including guys like Ken O'Brien, Lorenzo Lynch and more, the Hornets are no strangers to having some electrifying playmakers on their roster, and many of their best and brightest go on to star on the next level as well. O'Brien remains one of the very best players who came through campus, as he would go on to be a starting QB for the New York Jets and even made it to a pair of Pro Bowls.

Sacramento State Hornets Football Fans

Hornet Stadium was originally built in 1969 and now has a capacity of more than 20,000, making for a great venue to home your Sacramento State Hornets. Sure, you could see a bit of the action from home or the bar down the street, but it's a different experience altogether to actually be there when the game is on the line and the Hornets are trying to pull together a big win. With the passion emanating from the rest of the crowd and the game still up in the air, this is a sport that springs to a completely different level, particularly with a team like the Sacramento State Hornets.

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