Seattle Seahawks Tickets

Seattle Seahawks tickets

Seattle Seahawks Schedule

When the Seahawks take to the field for an exciting game absolutely packed with anticipation from the Seahawks faithful, the stands will be rocking with intensity, which tends to happen when you have a team as exciting as the Seattle Seahawks. After winning it all last season, they have another potent offense led by Russell Wilson and a staunch defense that knows how to get the job done, making for another season loaded with bench-gripping moments you know you won't want to be left out of. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that the home stretch of the season is loaded with great matchups that will give fans plenty of reasons to head out to the stands, as the NFC West creates some incredible rivalries and the intensity level is simply going to be tough to beat.

That will definitely hold true when the Seahawks take on NFC West foes like St. Louis and San Francisco in the final month of the season, as both teams have quite a bit of talent and the 'Hawks will have to be on their game to keep the wins coming. For both matchups, you can bank on CenturyLink Field to be absolutely hopping with great fans who know how to show up in a very big way, as this is a fan base that is largely considered one of the most dedicated in the entire league. Each home game becomes an incredible opportunity for the Seahawks faithful to cheer their team onto victory, and the experience of being there come game day will completely speak for itself.

But more than just the home games, fans also know that they can head out and see the Seahawks on the road, as watching your favorite team away from home is simply one of those experiences that everyone needs to make happen sooner or later. The final road matchup for the Seahawks is against Arizona, which is another incredible matchup that will have quite a bit of passion and fanfare emanating from both fan bases. Put it all together and the Seahawks remain one of the teams to beat as they look to defend their title and potentially even bring home yet another one.

Seattle Seahawks Team Info

With a very tough defense and some explosive playmakers like Marshawn Lynch on offense, the Seahawks certainly have what it takes on paper to do some serious damage. But what really makes them tick is the intangibles of Russell Wilson, who has grasped the NFL game way ahead of the curve and does things on a regular basis that normally only seasons veterans can do considering the complexity of the quarterback position. With Wilson under center and a very balanced team that can do it all, this is a team that is sure to make some serious noise once again this season coming down the home stretch, as this is a squad that absolutely nobody wants to play when it's for all of the marbles. As the Seahawks eye another postseason pus, it simply doesn't get any better than this.

The NFL Experience

Sports have been a part of cultures around the world for a very long time, and these days it just doesn't get any better than a top-tier matchup featuring teams from the National Football League. There's nothing that compares to the atmosphere at a game, where you're surrounded by fans that are all there to enjoy a great spectacle of sport. At no place is this more on display than at CenturyLink Field, the renowned home venue of the Seahawks and a place where the camaraderie is simply outstanding. Put it all together and seeing the Seahawks first-hand has never been more exciting, yielding an experience you just aren't going to be able to duplicate anywhere else. With the game up for grabs and two talented NFL teams battling it out down below, don't be surprised if you find yourself clinging to the edge of your seat.

Seattle Seahawks History

Since first coming onto the market in 1976, NFL tickets to see the Seattle Seahawks have been hot commodities around town, and you'll understand exactly why once you get out to experience one of the best home-field advantages in the league. The Seahawks won the NFC West four years straight between 2004 and 2007, once again in 2010 and made a memorable playoff run following the 2012 regular season. Of course, the most historic season was 2013, as they put it all together and finally grabbed that long-awaited Super Bowl win, with their electrifying defense leading the way along with Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. In an exciting new era of Seattle football, this is a team that comes with plenty of hype for a reason wherever they hit the field for a big-time matchup.

Seattle Seahawks Trivia

How many times did Steve Largent make it to at least 1,000 yards receiving in a season?

Despite playing in the era before the pass-heavy one that the league is currently in, Largent put up some gaudy numbers while dominating for Seattle in the 1970s and 1980s. Eventually, it all added up to eight different seasons topping the 1,000-yard receiving benchmark, including leading the league in receiving yards in both 1979 and 1985 during his Hall of Fame career. From there, Largent would go on to get elected into the House of Representatives in Oklahoma, serving from 1994 through 2002.

Seattle Seahawks Fans

CenturyLink Field is known for being an unbelievable place to see a huge game, as it's always bursting with passionate and energetic fans that know how to show their support. Put down the remote and head out to the stands so you can actually feel the buzz of the crowd for all of the crucial moments of a big game. When the Seahawks are digging in looking to make one more big play to seal the deal for a clutch victory, it won't be hard to see why there is so much fanfare surrounding this team, not to mention this sport in general. Though it's the talent level that gets fans into the stands, it's the crowd itself that helps to complete the atmosphere and bring the whole experience to a completely different level.

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