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SEC Basketball Tickets

SEC Basketball tickets

2014-2015 SEC Basketball Schedule

When two tough SEC opponents hit the court for an incredible matchup, there is nothing like being there so you can feel the pulse of the crowd, though that's something that you can't experience through the disappointing flatscreen. There has never been a better time to get out and join in the rim-rocking excitement as some of the top teams in the nation look to make their move in the SEC, one of the premier conferences in college sports and a place where it's always powerhouse versus powerhouse. And all you have to do to realize that is take a peek at the schedule, as it's loaded with games that will be bringing together unbelievable programs flooded with superstar-level talent.

Think about matchups like Alabama-Auburn, or Kentucky-Florida and you'll get the idea, as this is a conference that has some of the most talked about college sports teams in the entire nation. Even though it's tempting to just stay at home and think that you're getting the full experience, it's a completely different thing to head out and join with the rest of the passionate SEC fans, who consistently are ranked as arguably the most excitable in the entire nation. When two incredible teams are trading baskets and a raucous crowd is getting louder coming down the home stretch, there is nothing quite like SEC sporting events.

Part of the beauty of SEC basketball, of course, is that the road games are every bit as exciting as the home ones. Head out and see your favorite team on the road and you'll end up with a completely different type of experience, and you'll see that the SEC has a different level of camaraderie than you're going to find anywhere else in the country. Once you're there in the middle of an epic game that could go either way, you'll definitely be glad that you're not still sitting at home, just wondering what the atmosphere of the big game was like.

SEC Basketball Team Info

The Southeastern Conference, better known as the SEC, is one of those elite, powerhouse-heavy conferences that doesn't need much of an introduction. This is a conference that has some of the most well-known college athletic programs in the entire nation, with schools like Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn and LSU representing just a portion of the amazing programs that always seem to be gunning for a conference title or even a national one. Newer additions like Missouri and Texas A&M also bring about plenty of promise as well, making the conference even better than it already is. Recently, it's been Florida, Mississippi, Kentucky and Vanderbilt that have had their way in the conference tournament, but this is a conference in which anything can happening, which tends to have fans glued to the edges of their seats throughout a big game.

But even though the SEC obviously has an immaculate reputation on the gridiron, hoops fans definitely know that the dominance of the SEC definitely doesn't end there. The SEC really knows how to bring it on the hardwood as well, and it frequently has programs making some serious noise in the NCAA Tournament thanks to superstar-level talent. Many of that talent even goes on to superstardom on the next level, making SEC basketball an easy way to see some of the stars of both today and tomorrow.

NCAA Basketball Experience

Imagine that your favorite team is digging in with the game on the line late in the second half. Sure, you could be watching on that fancy high-def TV, which is better than nothing, sort of, though it's a completely different experience to actually be there so you can experience all of the action first-hand while you feel the pulse of the crowd. Don't even think about missing a shot of the action as the SEC looks to give fans another memorable season of excitement that is sure to have plenty of twists, turns and nail-biting moments. This is a sport that simply cannot be contained by a flatscreen, or even that popular sports bar down the street, and that's because this is a game that needs to be experience first-hand to be truly appreciated.

SEC Basketball History

The SEC is a 14-team conference that divides its teams into two subdivisions, East and West. NCAA basketball tickets to see SEC basketball teams have been some of the best-selling and most sought-after in all of college hoops, and it's not exactly difficult to imagine why that is. Several SEC teams have won national championship titles in basketball, including Kentucky, LSU, Arkansas and Florida. It's also the place to see players headed to the NBA as high draft picks, with Anthon Davis, John Wall, Al Horford, Robert Horry, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, Pete Maravich and many, many more dominating for their respective SEC schools before heading onto the NBA.

More than any other program, however, it's been Kentucky that has been the gold standard for SEC excellence over the years. The Wildcats of Kentucky have won an absurd 27 different SEC Tournament titles over the years, which is actually four times more than any other school in SEC history – and then some. With that type of dominance and a long list of NBA superstars, the Wildcats always seem to be one of the most prominent basketball programs in the nation, helping make them the team to beat in the SEC year in and year out.

SEC Basketball Trivia

Did you know that Shaquille O'Neal was a two-time SEC Player of the Year?

Well, that one's not that hard to imagine, as Shaq was one of the most dominant players in college basketball history at LSU before heading onto the NBA, where it was more of the same on his way to capturing titles, MVPs and 15 different All-Star appearances.

SEC Basketball Fans

The SEC always produces quality opponents, and a rigorous schedule will keep basketball fans excited throughout the season. Whether it's a smooth three-pointer, a highlight-reel dunk or a clutch defensive stand, the SEC is sure to give you plenty to cheer about in another great year of basketball. Though there are other ways to follow the SEC these days, it still doesn't get any better than actually being there so you can see loud and clear for yourself – along with thousands of other passionate fans – why SEC sporting events are still as good as it gets.

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