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SHPONGLE - The 2014 Tour

SHPONGLE is weaving and winding its way across North America as they bring their signature Psychedelic Ambient Music sound to every corner of the States and even into Europe. The duo will be making over two dozen stop - don't miss them when they come to a town near you, including: Madison, WI; Lafayette, IN; Chicago, IL; Pontiac, MI; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA; Northampton and Boston, MA; New Haven, CT; Westbury and New York City, NY; Washington, DC; Rome, GA; Boulder and Morrison, CO; Terra Alta, WV; and finally in Brussels, Belgium.

Whether you're seeing them at some of the biggest music and arts festivals (Rootwire, Counterpoint) or at some of the most famous musical landmarks in North America (Electric Factory in Philly, Toad's in New Haven, or Irving Plaza in NYC), SHPONGLE is an act that is not to be missed. The concert schedule listed is by no means complete, so be sure to keep yourself on their newest tour announcements via StubHub - the best place to keep up on your favorite bands.


Formed in 1996, SHPONGLE is made up of members Simon Posford and Raja Jam. The two are credited with pioneering the psybient genre, an interesting mix of previous era psychedelic sounds alongside ambient and trance rhythms. They bring the music together with global traditional music that is overlaid by the ubiquitous western synth. Their music is self described as unique and literally unlike anything you have heard before. While it's hard to imagine their sound with the heady list of influences listed, the best way to understand SHPONGLE is by experiencing their performance live.

Simon Posford, who makes up one half of SHPONGLE, is well known by his stage name Hallucinogen and his background as an English electronic musician. He's been on the music scene since 1995, where his debut album Twisted would be considered one of the most influential psychedelic trance albums of all time. His other accomplishments include two other albums, Derange and In Dub, and the founding of his own label Twist Records. While SHPONGLE is his main project, he also performs with fellow psychedelic musician Benji Vaughan under the moniker of Younger Brother.

The aliased Australian Raja Ram makes up the second half of SHPONGLE. Raja holds a special place as one of the godfathers of the electronic movement, along with all the other niches and genres that have branched out since. Starting his musical pilgrimage in the 1950s, Raja would study and perform all over the world from New York to the UK. He would be a founding member of milestone psychedelic artists Quintessence, before embarking on his own project in innovating the psychedelic trance genre. Raja founded label Tip World and has since collaborated across the electronic music spectrum, including projects The Mystery of the Yeti and 1200 Micrograms.

Previous Hits

SHPONGLE's first release would be Are You Sphongled? in 1998. Are You Shpongled? would be released under Simon Posford's label Twisted Records and make a strong impact on the musical scene. It would be carried by the hit "Divine Moments of Truth", which would possibly be SHPONGLE's most popular and well known track to date. Another track, "...And the Day Turned to Night" would be remixed by popular electro musician Eat Static, and would see huge amounts of underground radio play.

Their sophomore effort Tales of the Inexpressible would come out in 2001 and see a heavy East Asian influence mixed with the classic three piece rock ensemble. Along with their third release Nothing Lasts… But Nothing is Lost, SHPONGLE would become an increasingly influential act on the psychedelic scene, cementing their place in the psybient niche. Devoid of any breaks between tracks, Nothing Lasts… But Nothing is Lost is the band's attempt to translate the feeling of a SHPONGLE live performance into the recorded medium.

SHPONGLE would follow up with two more albums, Ineffable Mysteries from the Shpongleland and Museum of Consciousness. Both would continue to push the limits of their psybient sound and continue to cater to their ever growing ranks of hardcore fans. The duo plans to continue recording, with a recent announcement that plans for a sixth studio album are in the works.


Some of the sample found on their album Tales of the Inexpressible come from dinosaur sounds in Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Other samples include lectures by notable psychedelic Terence McKenna, and cult sci-fi hit Forbidden Planet.

Nothing Lasts… But Nothing is Lost draws on ideas from Terence McKenna, and is meant to be an 8 track album. The CD version, however, is broken down into 20 separate tracks.

The SHPONGLE Concert Experience

Be prepared to get your mind blown and your horizons expanded as you experience one of the most innovative acts in the psychedelic genre, so unique that they've pioneered their own genre. With over six decades of combined musical experience, SHPONGLE is best enjoyed in a live setting where their music is complemented by heavily choreographed visuals that combine to form a truly psychedelic and life changing show. SHPONGLE is the biggest thing to happen to the psy-electro genre in decades, and don't miss a chance to see them when they perform at a venue near you!

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