Southern Miss Golden Eagles Football Tickets

Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles Football tickets

2014 Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles Football Schedule

The Southern Miss Golden Eagles are ready to take flight in 2014 as they host some of the best teams in college football, making it another season in which absolutely anything can happen as they look to fight their way up the C-USA standings. This team is loaded with talent and has the potential to do some big things on the football field this season, providing plenty of incentive to head out and see the Eagles the way they were meant to be seen. Southern Miss is coming off a 2013 season in which they showed some flashes but ultimately struggled, though they have reloaded with some electrifying playmakers that have fans optimistic they can be a major factor in the conference this season.

Take a look at the schedule and you'll also see all kinds of great matchups that you know you'll want to be a part of. The Eagles will host the Rive Owls on September 27th for what could be one of the tougher games of the 2014 season for Southern Miss, and you can definitely count on a November 8th matchup against Marshall to also be loaded with fanfare and energy. There are plenty of other great matchups at home this season as well, however, making it always a good idea to snag your favorite team gear and help the rest of the fans provide the Eagles with a little home-field advantage. Don't forget about the road matchups either, as seeing your favorite team on the road can be every bit as exhilarating as seeing them at home.

Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles Football Team Info

This team has a long and storied history of being the best on the field, and they are ready and willing to defend their winning legacy against any team that lines up against them on the gridiron. This team has won 10 bowl games throughout the history of the program, reaching more than 20 postseason contests and helping make the Eagles a major staple of Hattiesburg in the process. They have won more than 500 games over the years, as they have consistently racked up the victories for more than a century and always seem to be gearing up for one big game or another. The team will be looking to add as many wins to that total as possible this season as they continue to challenge all of the top teams in Conference USA year after year.

Fan Experience

College football is a fantastic sport to see in person, something that many fans around the country can attest to. Sure, you can catch the game from your living room or a local sports bar, but the experience just is not the same as being there in person to see these amazing amateur athlete compete. Being there in the stands when the Southern Miss Golden Eagles take the field against a top opponent will stick in your memory for a long time. College football is filled with exciting action that folks love to catch live, and fans will flood into the stadium to see the Golden Eagles hit the field yet again this time around.

Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles Football History

The Southern Miss Golden Eagles football team first took the field back in 1912 and has earned quite the reputation in college football over the years since. They have competed in top bowl games like the Bowl, the Liberty Bowl, the Humanitarian Bowl and many others. All in all, the Eagles have even claimed two national championships, multiple Conference USA titles and had a great run of consecutive winning seasons in the 1990s and 2000s. Put it all together and this is a solid program that continues to be a major part of the campus thanks to a rich legacy and a strong current team that always has a few stars being developed.

Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles Football Trivia

Who was the first head coach of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles football team?

The answer is Ronald Slay, who coached the team in their inaugural season in 1912. The team went 2-1 that season and paved the way for some great seasons that came later.

Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles Football Fans

The home games for the Southern Miss Golden Eagles football team are played at M.M. Roberts Stadium each season, which has been the case since all the way back in the 1930s. Though it could only hold 4,000 fans at first, these days more than 36,000 fans routinely head out to the stands to join in the excitement thanks to expansions that have tried to keep up with the growing fan base. The biggest fans of the team show up to the stadium for each and every home game, and they are some of the loyalist fans in college football thanks to more than a century's worth of tradition. When the Eagles are gearing up for a big matchup, it doesn't get much better than game day in Hattiesburg, Mississippi if you love college football.

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