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Spiderman the Musical Broadway tickets

Spiderman the Musical Broadway tickets

Spiderman The Musical Broadway Tour

If you've been a longtime fan of the iconic superhero Spiderman, or even if you simply have a love for unique musicals that push the envelope, then Spiderman The Musical is definitely the show for you! Taking on a beloved superhero property such as Spiderman was a long time coming, and quite possibly the first of it's kind, drawing in crowds of all kinds to see the technical and musical mastery that is this one of a kind production. And as if an entire musical featuring the likes of everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood Spiderman wasn't enough, the music and lyrics is done by the impressive duo of Bono from "U2" and The Edge. A musical like no other, Spiderman The Musical has been making waves on the musical scene for it's impressive score, book, performances, and of course, web swinging. This is a show that needs to be seen by anyone who considers themselves a fan of musicals or spiderman in general, and with an impressive tour regimen that stretches throughout the rest of 2013 and well into March of 2014, there are more chances than ever to catch the web swinging action for yourself! This musical is only playing on Broadway at the legendary Foxwoods Theatre, so when you decide the date and time that you'll be able to head out to the venue then be sure to grab your tickets from StubHub while they're still available!

About The Show

A superhero production like none other, Spiderman the Musical has been catching eyes and stealing the breath away from audiences ever since it hit Broadway back in 2011. Following the legendary superhero Spiderman as it covers his origin story and the subsequent aftermath of being a man imbued with extraordinary powers, this musical breathes new life into a character that has always been a favorite. Telling the story of average, every-day kid Peter Parker and his amazing transformation into the world renowned Spiderman, audiences will watch in wonder as he tries to build a relationship with his love Mary Jane while simultaneously battling the evil Green Goblin and other nemesis. Not an average musical, this story of Spiderman goes deep into the superhero lore as it includes a plethora of enemies for Spiderman to fight, while bringing new and intriguing aspects of the story for audiences to fall in love with. What helps set this production apart from the rest is it's thrilling music and awe inducing feats of agility as performers fly around the room.

Breakthrough Performance

It's no secret that Spiderman The Musical went through a troubling period before it was showed off to the general public, as it's technical prowess was still in it's early stages, as well as the story and book. Through an extensive period of practice during the preview shows, the technical stunts were mastered and the score and story were perfected, making the musical a treat to witness. So with audiences expecting the same that they had heard of the preview shows, they were absolutely delighted to see the wonderful transformation the show had undergone for it's Broadway debut. An exhilarating performance that audiences will never forget, Spiderman The Musical became the talk of the town, and for good reason, when it first showed on Broadway.

Spiderman The Musical Trivia

While today the Spiderman musical stands as a technical achievement that is lauded for it's music, performers, and more, there was plenty going on behind the scenes before it began it's initial tour on Broadway. With a long list of production issues that mostly stemmed from the wild technical parts as well as certain issues with the book and score, the Spiderman musical underwent a plethora of retoolings and changes before it became the wonderful spectacle that people are lining up to see today. With performers at times "Swinging" on a web across the stage, there was plenty to be mastered before these technical feats could be perfectly done throughout the musical. In fact, some of the bigger issues arose from these technical aspects, with the first preview show seeing multiple lengthy delays throughout due to mishaps. The preview stage of the musical went on for much longer than musicals usually do, undergoing 182 preview performances, making it the longest preview period for a musical in history. All of these were issues during the preview period, but in time all of the kinks and issues were worked out, resulting in a show that is head and shoulders above the rest, wowing audiences all over.

Fan Experience

Audiences have had time to digest what they witnessed at the Foxwoods Theatre on Broadway and they all agree that Spiderman the Musical is a wonderful production that excels in many areas that had never even been attempted before. With so many awesome feats of technical ability and agility, as well as a stellar musical score provided by Bono and The Edge, there's plenty to love at this one of a kind musical production. You'll feel like you're inside a comic book in the making when you head out to bare witness to this glorious production, so make sure to grab your tickets from StubHub today!

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