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Stryper tickets

Stryper tickets - Stryper Tour

Stryper Tour Schedule

What is there to say other than "to hell with the devil," let's go see Stryper when the group rolls into our town? The Christian glam metal rock band hails from Orange County, California and was once known for their "yellow and black attack"-styled spandex outfits. Stryper started out in 1983 and played shows until 1992. At the start of the new millennium, Stryper reunited and started to tour and make new music. The band's lineup consists of Michael Sweet, Tim Gaines, Oz Fox and Robert Sweet. During 2004, Tracy Ferrie replaced Tim Gaines until he rejoined the band in 2009. Over the years, there have been a number of other musicians who have participated as members or session artists. A few of the former members include: Doug Aldrich, C.C. DeVille, Scott Lane and Dale Thompson. The band and its members are known for representing Christian beliefs and values. Not to mention, Stryper is one of the first significant Christian heavy metal bands to gain notoriety. While nowadays the band members still reflect their heavy metal in style with long hair and eyeliner, the band's website shows how they have slipped out of the yellow and black spandex into what may be more or less comfortable: denim jeans, black jeans and jewelry that screams hard rock. The band members are also photographed adorned in yellow and black ties, paying homage to their classic shots in glam rock spandex. While you may not see the men perform in full-on glam rock attire, a Stryper show is not one to miss. In spite of their Christian-leaning, it is estimated that about two-thirds of the ten million plus recordings sold are by fans that do not self-identify as Christian. The music is guaranteed to rock you no matter what, as they are treated no different than classic acts like Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Poison and Metallica.. Get your tickets on StubHub before you miss your chance to see Stryper in concert.

About Stryper

Stryper did not initially start out by that name in 1983. Initially the band called itself Roxx Regime before deciding to re-brand as Stryper and promote their Christian beliefs through the music. The band was singed to a major label right from the start. Enigma Records released Stryper's debut album The Yellow and Black Attack. The band found quite a lot of success during the mid-1980s and continued to produce albums before breaking up in 1992. It is thought that the controversial album Against the Law was the beginning of the end of this period for Stryper. It was this album that changed the brand and lyrics in a way that was unlike the yellow and black covers and words of salvation and God. It seemed like an effort to breakaway from the glam rock that brought them success towards a more classic rock sound and style; however, the album was not as successful as the former albums. While it did not meet the public with as much enthusiasm as expected, many critics consider it to be one of the band's best albums based on its musicality. The band eventually called it quits after Michael Sweet left to pursue a solo career in which he was met with success. At the start of 1999, Stryper started to reform when Michael Sweet took the stage with his old pals and played Stryper songs. The former band members were asked to record a Best Of Stryper album for Hollywood Records, which was followed by a tour. Stryper released the album Reborn and continued to play gigs. In recent years, the band released its last album to date, No More Hell to Pay and continues to tour across the United States, Europe and even on a Monsters of Rock Cruise.

Stryper Breakthrough

Stryper was able to quickly breakthrough to the Christian fan base while simultaneously reaching fans that would otherwise not listen to music with Christian undertones or overtones. When the band released the EP The Yellow and Black Attack, it brought them mainstream success by sharing the stage with Ratt and Bon Jovi. These bands were hugely popular in the mid to late 1980s. Stryper had the right mix of Christian morals branded with yellow and black glam rock that enabled them to reach a larger audience. The band's first gold record was Soldiers Under Command. It was the third album To Hell With the Devil that went platinum and made it to the Billboard charts. It sold over 2 million copies and is considered one of the most successful records in contemporary Christian music and Christian metal. There were a significant number of hits off the album and it even received a nomination for a Grammy Award.

Stryper Live Show Experience

The longtime fans of Stryper can remember the days of their glam rock attire and bold yellow and black stripes tearing up the stage with their Christian metal sounds, while sharing the word of Christ by handing out bibles to the crowd. According to the Los Angeles Times in 1985, "the band gets sullen fans of Twisted Sister cheering and poking stubby 'one way' fingers heavenward—a refutation of the double-fingered 'devil horns' salute of many metal groups."

Stryper Trivia

Ellen Page's character in the 2009 film Whip It wears a Stryper tee shirt throughout the film.

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