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2015 Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl XLIX Tickets - Super Bowl 2015 Tickets

2015 Super Bowl

After a season of intense battled featuring the best football players in the world, it all comes down to this. The Super Bowl brings together the two best teams in the NFL for an unbelievable spectacle that is watched by people all over the world, though those who actually head out to the game are the only ones who get to see the peak of the passion and intensity. Watching from home simply isn't a comparable experience, as being surrounded by the energy that goes along with the Super Bowl is something that you can't duplicate. One of the great things about the Super Bowl is that it's not only about the game itself, as it also has all kinds of NFL-sponsored events leading up to the opening kick-off, making it a celebration of the game that you're simply not going to find anywhere else.

And you can also bank on there being an amazing venue serving as the backdrop, which is exactly what fans will see this time around with the game being held at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Known for its state-of-the-art, removable grass field, University of Phoenix Stadium quickly has developed a reputation for being one of the top places in the world for a big-time sporting event, and it all really comes together when it comes to NFL football. As the host of the Arizona Cardinals, University of Phoenix routinely is the place to find some big-time action from one season to the next and it's also already hosted the Super Bowl back in 2008 during a riveting matchup between the Pats and the Giants.

Fans from across the nation will be looking to gain access to University of Phoenix Stadium for the big game in 2015, making it the best place to be if you're an NFL fan looking to see the peak of the season. Phoenix itself also is known as the prototypical host city, as it happens to be the perfect centerpiece for a road trip. With the best in the AFC headed to take on the best in the NFC for all of the marbles, this is as good as it gets when it comes to big-time sporting events, and the fanfare, intensity and excitement level won't be comparable to any other football game that you're going to find.

Super Bowl XLIX Event Info

The National Football League is the premier sports league in the United States of America for a reason, as it boasts some of the most incredible athletes known to man. The NFL has become renowned for its brand of exciting football that you can't find anywhere else in the world. With quarterbacks that can put the ball anywhere on the field, running backs that can make a move to avoid a defender and be on a breakaway for the end zone in no time, receivers that routinely make highlight reel catches and defensive players that put some of the hardest hits on opponents game in and game out, the NFL is simply the cream of the crop when it comes to a sports-watching experience.

In addition to the talent level down on the field, you can also count on some major talent surrounding the event as well. The Super Bowl has become known as a haven for celebrities in a variety of different fields and the halftime show also features great performances from some of the biggest names in music. The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson are just a few of the great acts who have rocked the stage during halftime, which tells you all that you need to know about how much of an event the Super Bowl actually is. Put it all together and the Super Bowl turns into the cream of the crop when it comes to entertainment, giving you plenty of reasons to snag a few seats and jump right into the mix for Super Bowl XLIX.

The Super Bowl Experience

Sports have been a part of cultures around the world for a very long time, and spectators have always enjoyed watching athletes compete at the highest of levels. When you're there in the stands at a sporting event like this one, you're treated to seeing some of the most talented athletes in the entire world going head to head with everything on the line. Of course, being there in the stands for the Super Bowl is one of the most special experiences you can have as a football fan. The Super Bowl is the biggest game in American sports, and only a few lucky fans have the chance to see the action unfold live each and every year. The atmosphere at a game of this caliber is sure to be something that you've never been a part of before, providing you the type of experience that you're assured to be buzzing about a long time after the Vince Lombardi Trophy is handed out to the victor.

Super Bowl History

The first Super Bowl, known as Super Bowl I, was played in 1967 between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. At the time, the National Football League and American Football League were separate leagues that has been in competition with one another for years. The invention of the Super Bowl is often credited with setting the wheels in motion towards the now-famous 1970 merging of the two leagues into the more modern structure of the National Football League. Over the years, the Super Bowl has grown and grown and is now a complete celebration of the game that consistently captures the attention of football fans of all ages.

The Packers won Super Bowl I and would win Super Bowl II as well, setting them up as an early dynasty in the process. One of the most famous Super Bowls in the history of the game was played in 1969, when the underdog New York Jets took down the heavily-favored Baltimore Colts, with Jets quarterback Joe Namath famously guaranteed a victory before the New York win. Since then, the Super Bowl has been where great players turn into legends and the very best of the best look to take their game to the next level in front of fans from all over the world.

Super Bowl Trivia

Do you know who holds the record for touchdown passes in a single Super Bowl?

The answer is Steve Young, who threw six touchdown passes during Super Bowl XLVIII in 1995. After a brilliant season, Young capped it all off by simply lighting up the San Diego secondary, leading the 49ers to a 49-26 victory over the Chargers and taking home MVP honors.

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