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Ten Tenors Tickets

Ten Tenors tickets

Ten Tenors Plot

It can be extremely difficult when it comes to planning out what to do for the weekend. Should you go to the circus? Should you see a play? Maybe a concert is in order. It's times like these the democracy comes in handy. When it comes down to a vote, surely it'll be easier for your group to decide. No? No one has any ideas? Well then it's time for you to stand up and make an executive decision: this weekend, you're going to take in some culture and it's going to be in the form of music. Does that narrow it down for you? No? Well then take some good advice and get your tickets to see the Ten Tenors perform this weekend and you and your friends will be hooked on seeing performing musical artists like them for weekends to come! The Ten Tenors are an Australian performance troupe that brings together only the most talented of singers to belt out their takes on popular songs like Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and hits from ACDC. Constantly on tour, the Tenors are always looking for ways to improve their show, which includes experimenting with different songs and trying out other genres. While in recent years the Ten Tenors have stuck with a rock opera background, the initial group was more prone to singing more classical hits than the likes of Meatloaf. Still, the show must go on, and the Ten Tenors have drawn in larger and larger crowds every year that they appear to perform. Heading on to almost two decades of performances now, the Ten Tenors have become a staple in the world of stage entertainment.

If you're a fan of live music, you're not going to want to miss out on this amazing show! Rush out today and pick up your tickets to see the Ten Tenors perform live! Even if you're not interested in seeing the Ten Tenors perform, StubHub still gets you access to the hottest upcoming concerts, stage shows, and sporting events, so no matter what you choose to do this weekend, StubHub can still help you get there! Just don't waste any time standing in line at the box office when your tickets are just a few clicks away on StubHub! So what are you waiting for? Quit hesitating, log on to StubHub and pick up your tickets to see the Ten Tenors today!

Ten Tenors Schedule

Were you planning on seeing the Ten Tenors when they open for the stage at the Grand Opera House at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia? Or how about when they perform their hits at the Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric in Baltimore, Maryland? No matter where you're planning on seeing the Ten Tenors perform, know that their popularity makes tickets to access their shows very scarce, so it's important for you to log on to StubHub early and often to make sure that you can still get tickets to see this amazing group perform. Don't miss out on your chance to see the Ten Tenors sing their songs from the stage, get your tickets through StubHub today!

Ten Tenors Cast

The cast of the Ten Tenors changes regularly because they do so much touring! It's easy to exhaust a singer when they're performing 70 shows in four short months, so over the course of the Ten Tenors' professional career as an entity, they've worked their way through a number of professional singers. Their current lineup includes such greats as Robert Barbaro, Cameron Barclay, Benjamin Clark, Keane Fletcher, Chad Hilligus, Paul Gelsumini, Sebastian Maclaine, Joseph Naim, Jared Newall, and Ben Stephens. Over the years, however, they've included such talented musical artists as Thomas David Birch, Drew "Creamy Goodness" Graham, Craig "Chendry" Henry, Jason "Shorty" Short, Bradley McCaw, Bernard Wheaton, Scott Fields, Shannon Brown, Kim Kirkman, and more! So if you were hoping to catch a solid musical performance this weekend that's sure to put a melody in your head for the rest of the week, rush out and get your tickets to see the Ten Tenors perform live today! Don't miss out!

Ten Tenors Author

The Ten Tenors have never written a book! They're tenors! If they spent all of their time writing, there simply wouldn't be enough for them to get together and rehearse when it comes to singing. There's definitely talent here that needs to be displayed, but it isn't in written form. If you've been meaning to take in some great music lately and hear all that these well-trained artists have to bring to the stage with them, you're not going to want to miss out on your chance to hear and see the Ten Tenors perform live before your very eyes! Get your tickets today!

Ten Tenors Trivia

Q: When did the Ten Tenors first begin performing?A: The Ten Tenors first began performing together in 1995.

Q: Where did the Ten Tenors get their start?A: The Ten Tenors got their start in Australia.

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