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The Damned tickets

The Damned tickets - The Damned Tour

The Damned Schedule

The English punk rock band, The Damned, has been going strong since it stated close to 40 years ago in London. Throughout the years the band has toured a great number of times across the globe. Now, The Damned have shows scheduled for the United Kingdom, but also on the east coast of the United States. Take a look at the StubHub schedule to find tickets for when The Damned play Royale Boston in Boston, MA; Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA; Irving Plaza in New York, NY; and The Stone Pony in Ashbury Park, NJ. The Damned is one of the bands to come out of the early punk rock days and continue entertaining both new audiences discovering punk rock and the people who were a part of its history. The Damned definitely puts on an experienced live stage performance that is worth attending. It isn't everyday that audiences have the opportunity to see a band confident enough in what it is doing to stop playing its set to eat pizza on stage when the audience becomes complacent.

About The Damned

The Damned was founded in England by Dave Vanian (lead vocalist), Brian James (guitarist), Captain Sensible (bassist and later guitarist) and Rat Scabies (drummer). The band was considered one of the early pioneers of punk rock. Despite a long list of former band mates, The Damned has had a long and successful career that spans nearing 40 years. In the early years, the band formed and was the first English punk rock bands to release its single and album and head out on tour in the United States. The first album, Damned Damned Damned was released in 1977 and was followed by Music for Pleasure. Music for Pleasure did not fare well among critics and the band broke up for a short time and reformed without Brian James. The next album was called Machine Gun Etiquette and was the transitional album into what many consider the band's Goth rock exploration.

The Damned Breakthrough

One might say that being the first punk band to travel across the pond to play in the United States was a breakthrough along with The Damned's ability to continue making albums and playing shows with all of the changes among band members throughout the years. After all, the first show ever played by The Damned was with the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club. While at the time it was not easy to see that they were all on to something special that would continue to make an impression on young ones and adults alike, it is quite impressive to have been there and done that when it is looked back upon as such special moment in music history. It was during the 1980s that the band produced multiple albums: The Black Album (1980), Strawberries (1982), Phantasmagoria (1985) and Anything (1986). It is interesting to note that Captain Sensible, who is often quite outspoken and presently in The Damned, left during 1984 and did not return until 1988. That is the year when The Damned announced that it would be playing its last show, which was recorded and released as Final Damnation. Despite having played its last show in 1988, The Damned came together again to tour in 1991. In the mid 1990s, The Damned released Not of This Earth. The Damned released two more albums in the new millennium: Grave Disorder and So, Who's Paranoid. The present lineup up of the band includes: Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible, Monty Oxymoron, Pinch and Stu West.

The Damned Trivia

When The Damned started the band, it never referred to itself as "punk rock." The aim was not to create a punk rock band. Instead, the band wanted to create music that they wanted to hear. It was once the media picked up on what The Damned was doing that the band was referred to as punk rock. Yet, as one would imagine The Damned had its years of debauchery and chaos that one might identify with punk rock, or simply being young. As Captain Sensible reminisced to Rocker magazine, "We did drink quite a lot, and we had a 24-hour club. We hardly ever went to sleep, and if you did go to sleep, and one of your comrades—your esteemed friends in the band—would empty ashtrays in your mouth, tie your shoelaces together, set you on fire." As it turns out, Captain Sensible was caught on fire by fellow band mate, Rat Scabies. What is more, The Damned caught Elvis Costello on fire on the tour bus. According to Captain Sensible, "I like to think that's where he got that rasping vocal style from, because he had fag (cigarette) butts in his mouth." Another interesting story about The Damned's front man, he has what is referred to as an alter ego that goes by the name Susie Lollipop. At times, the artist explains that costumed in a wig and dress that it is difficult at times to get out of character.

The Damned Live Show Experience

The live show of The Damned is quite impressive. While it has definitely changed over the nearing 40 years the band has been together. At one time, the venues were in many ways tied to the culture of which the music was a quintessential part. During an interview, Captain Sensible explained that there are instances when the audience doesn't quite get what the band is doing. He explained to Rocker Magazine, "I remember when we played The Rat Club, not everyone there understood what we were doing. We had bags of attitude, we were a little bit gnarly, a little bit kind of South London, giving it large, we don't care, that sort of thing." After little applause between songs, The Damned ordered pizzas and beer, set up tables on the stage and began to discuss football. The Damned aims to get a reaction from its audience and this stance with pizza led to the audience responding by throwing ice cubes and the like on stage. It was at that point that The Damned new it had its audience's attention.

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