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The Nutcracker Washington D.C. Tickets

The Nutcracker tickets Washington D.C.

The Nutcracker Washington D.C. Plot

As the winter draws ever closer and your weekends are colder, it's easy to see why so many people are spending their time out at theater shows. The cold weather outside makes it hard to go to the beach, so if you were looking for some entertainment this weekend and you've already checked StubHub to see the shows that are going to be performed in your area, know that your best bet for holiday entertainment is to pick up your tickets to catch The Nutcracker when it's performed on a stage by you! All of your favorite characters are prominently featured in this classic retelling of The Nutcracker, bringing Dr. Stahlbaum, Clara, Fritz, and more to the forefront of the stage so that you don't miss out on a single second of the excitement in this celebrated show! In The Nutcracker, a young girl named Clara is gifted a nutcracker painted to look like a soldier as a Christmas toy by the kind Dr. Stahlbaum. But when everyone has gone to bed and the stillness of the night seems to have taken over the living room, something extraordinary happens: all of the toys come to life! Clara's beloved dolls and figures all begin to move and walk and live out their lives as if they were simply sleeping. Even the nutcracker gets in on the newfound freedom that the night brings, that is, until the night is spoiled by the evil Rat King. Watch as The Nutcracker takes on the evil Rat King as they do battle, fighting for the top spot in this land of toys that comes to life at night! Don't miss out on your opportunity to enjoy The Nutcracker on the stage, head to StubHub while you still can to see this popular holiday favorite when it comes to be performed at a venue in your area!

The Nutcracker Washington D.C. Schedule

Were you hoping to catch the popular production of The Nutcracker when it comes to be performed on the stage at the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus at The Arc in Washington, D.C.? Well no matter where you were hoping to catch The Nutcracker on the stage, know that you won't be the only fan of the holiday season to try and enjoy this production. There are bound to be plenty of families waiting around in the long line outside of the box office, all eager to secure their tickets to enjoy this production. Unfortunately for those in line at the box office, StubHub lets you purchase your tickets from the comfort of your home, so there's no need to head to the box office when you can get the tickets that you need in just a few clicks here on StubHub!

The Nutcracker Washington D.C. Cast

When it comes to adapting a show from an original work, those in charge of the show need to be very careful about the associations that fans make with characters. A popular stage production that's adapted for film can sometimes have this problem, as those familiar with the film version of a show tend to let the performances they've seen dominate in their minds how the show should look and play out. This has happened with the 1993 version of The Nutcracker, bringing such talents to perform as Darci Kistler, Damian Woetzel, Kyra Nichols, Wendy Whelan, Margaret Tracey, Gen Horiuchi, Tom Gold, Lourdes Lopez, Nilas Martin, William Otto, Peter Reznick, Karin Von Aroldingen, Edward Bigelow, Heather Watts, Robert LaFosse, Bart Robinson Cook, Jessica Lynn Cohen, Macaulay Culkin, Kevin Kline, Katrina Killian, Roma Sosenko, Michael Byars, Robert D. Lyon, and Helene Alexopoulos. While this film is an adequate representation of the show, it doesn't do the same justice to The Nutcracker that a live production on the stage would, so if you haven't yet had your chance to see a talented cast perform The Nutcracker in person before your eyes, you won't know what you're missing out on! So don't get stuck behind watching another show this weekend, head to StubHub and secure the tickets you need to enjoy The Nutcracker on the stage when it comes to be performed near you!

The Nutcracker Washington D.C. Author

As the summer heat begins to fade and is replaced with chill of winter, people are getting ready to start acting on their holiday rituals! Some families make it a point to usher in the holidays by celebrating with the whole family and heading out to see a popular and appropriate show like The Nutcracker to bring in the coming new season. If you're in one of those families, know that this is your chance to enjoy a night out with your family as The Nutcracker is getting ready to be performed on the stage at a venue in your area! The Nutcracker has been seen as a staple of the holidays since it was first debuted for the stage in the late 1800's. The music for The Nutcracker was written by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and the score that he created for the show has often been celebrated as his most successful work. He didn't bring the show to the stage by himself though, as he had help with adapting the show from 1816's The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E.T.A. Hoffmann. Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov quickly joined Pyotr Tchaikovskyon his work for this show, and the end result was so successful that it continues to be touted as one of the best holiday shows that one can see on the stage! So don't miss out on your chance to enjoy The Nutcracker on the stage, head to StubHub and get your tickets to see this show while you still can!

The Nutcracker Washington D.C. Trivia

Q: When did The Nutcracker first debut on the stage for audiences?A: The Nutcracker first debuted on the stage for audiences on December 18, 1892.

Q: Where did The Nutcracker first debut for the stage for audiences?A: The Nutcracker first debuted on the stage for audiences at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.

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