Tradition Field

Tradition Field

Tradition Field

There's not much in the world that can come close to the excitement and fun that goes hand in hand with heading out for a day of fun in the sun at a local sporting event, and when you're local teams happen to play at a field like Tradition Field, there's much more reason to go than ever! One of the most amazing baseball fields in Florida, Tradition Field has been bringing good times and outdoor entertainment to the masses in the best of ways: baseball. Year after year there are a cavalcade of games that come through this stadium, and fans continue to come in droves to see the game unfold before their very eyes. There's always something fun happening at this one of a kind field, so if you're going to be in the area for any reason then you owe it to yourself to get your tickets from StubHub today! If you're a longtime native to the area, then it shouldn't be a surprise that there are going to be a plethora of games lined up for the coming season, so it would be wise to get your tickets while they're still available! This is an incredibly popular place to check out games happen on the field, so there's a good chance that tickets are going to sell out fast! Get yours today!

About The Stadium

First opened back in 1988, Tradition Field has always given plenty of enjoyment and amazing days to fans of baseball and good times, and it has been doing so ever since it first opened. Originally named after Thomas J. White when the stadium was called Thomas J. White Stadium, the field has had a few name changes over the years but has continued to provide the same amazing experience for any and all who make their way to the one of a kind stadium. While originally Thomas J. White stadium, in 2004 the name was changed to Tradition Field, but in 2010 yet another name change occurred when the field became Digital Domain Park. However, the field eventually reverted back to Tradition Field in 2013, making longtime fans of the name happy. But no matter what name the stadium goes by, it has always given fans of baseball exactly what they wanted in a game, bringing sports to the people in a big way. And the stadium is more than ready for the fans that come in droves, as Tradition Field has a seating capacity of 7,160!

Teams and Sports

While there are certain stadiums and fields that vary in their specific purpose, with some being a multi-purpose arena for anything under the sun to be performed, Tradition Field is a stadium that knows exactly what it is. No identity crisis here, Tradition Field is a baseball stadium through and through, and some of the most entertaining teams practice and call it home. Home to more than just one kind of baseball, Tradition Field has teams of all kinds take to the field from Class A, to Rookie League, and all the way to major league! While the stadium is where the New York Mets go for spring training, local fans of baseball definitely have a team to root for with the St. Lucia Mets Class A Team. And as if that wasn't enough, rookie teams get a go at this amazing field in the form of the Gulf Coast Mets Rookie League team. So as is readily apparent, Tradition Field is baseball utopia for anyone looking for Class A and Rookie League games, or even to check out what spring training looks like for a real major league team.

Tradition Field Trivia

Tradition Field being the perfect place to find a great time with baseball is definitely no new experience for longtime locals and fans of the area, as it has been providing the best service since the day it opened. While fans can count on the field to provide the best in sports and local baseball, fans have felt that they could trust the stadium with their love of baseball as it was built just in the nick of time for the baseball season to start. It was in 1988 when the stadium was first being opened that people were curious if the field would be open in time for the '88 season, and they were not disappointed as they were able to look upon the field with pleasure as their favorite teams played.

Fan Experience

There's no doubting that Tradition Field is able to provide fans and newcomers alike with the baseball spirit and entertainment that has kept it a national past time for generations, but it will also succeed in bringing joy and happiness to all who find themselves watching a game take place on the field. It won't take long for you to realize what a great stadium Tradition Field is once you get inside it, and chances are good that before the game even comes to an end that you'll be planning your next baseball trip to the field! StubHub has the tickets you need for the events that you're excited about, so get yours today!

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