UCLA Bruins Basketball Tickets

UCLA Bruins Basketball tickets

UCLA Bruins Basketball Schedule in 2014-15

The UCLA Bruins are prepared to take to the court this season and do battle with some of the toughest teams in the college basketball world. The Bruins again have a roster stacked with some of the best players in the country, and the fans of the team are looking for these talented student-athletes to showcase their skills on the court in 2014-15. The Bruins call the Pac-12 Conference home, one of the toughest leagues on the college hoops landscape. The Pac-12 is home to home of the top teams in the country on an annual basis, and the fight for the top spot in the standings is always a known-down, drag-out war throughout the season. The Bruins are coming off a 2014-15 season in which they played stellar basketball and finished near the top of the Pac-12 Standings. Their 12-6 conference record showed a lot about that team, as did their 28-9 overall mark. The Bruins are hoping to see a similar result in 2014-15, but they know they're going to have a target on their backs this season simply by wearing that UCLA jersey. The Bruins have some huge game on their home schedule this season that they're going to have to win, and their dedicated fans will surely be there in the stands at Pauley Pavilion to cheer on the Bruins as they battle it out with some tough opponents.

The Bruins are definitely looking forward to their matchup with the Cal Bears this season. These two teams have had a lot of great battles in seasons past, and when the Bears hit the floor at Pauley Pavilion this season you know the Bruins are going to be ready for a fight. The Bears have a number of talented players that can really light it up, so the Bruins will have to make sure to stay disciplined on the defensive end of the floor, something that is difficult to do against such a good opponent. If the Bruins can make the Bears play at their pace, then it should go a long way in taking down a quality team in front of the UCLA fans. The stands are sure to be packed for this in-state rivalry game that could mean a lot when it comes to the Pac-12 standings this season.

The Bruins will also look to step up their game when the Oregon State Beavers come to Los Angeles this season. The Beavers have a quality team filled with top recruits, so this is not going to be an easy matchup for UCLA. However, this Bruins team will surely be looking to show the Pac-12 that they mean business, so those fans lucky enough to be in attendance at Pauley Pavilion are likely to see a big effort level from their Bruins. The fans will pack the house for this game, and it should be one of the best of the season. There will be some other great matchups as well, so take a look at the full schedule.

UCLA Bruins Basketball History

The UCLA Bruins have one of the most respected and storied basketball programs in the history of college basketball. This revered college hoops program was established all the way back in 1920 and has had many amazing seasons since then. The team went on a mind-boggling run of winning 10 National Championships in 12 years during the 1960s and 1970s under famed head coach John Wooden. Wooden is considered one of the best coaches in the history of sports, and his title runs are legendary among fans of collegiate hoops. The Bruins have been to an amazing 18 Final Fours.

The UCLA Bruins are known for being one of the best basketball programs in college hoops, and a program doesn't earn that kind of stellar reputation without seeing some great players hit the court over the course of its history. That is certainly the case for the Bruins, who had one of the best college basketball players ever in Lew Alcindor, who went on to change his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He won multiple National Championships with the Bruins and went on to win several NBA Championships in the pros as well. Another great UCLA big man that needs to be mentioned is Bill Walton. Fans are eager to see who the next all-time great at UCLA will be.

Fan Experience

When the game is on the line and your favorite team is digging in looking to make a clutch bucket that seals a huge rivalry matchup, you'll understand loud and clear what all the buzz around campus is about. True, there are plenty of options for seeing a big game these days, though there is still no substitution for the experience you can get from the stands. Be there for all the most exciting moments in another college basketball season filled with nail-biting action that will have you talking well after the final whistle. No matter how many different options there are for sports these days, there is still nothing close to the live experience.

UCLA Bruins Basketball Trivia

When was the last time the UCLA Bruins basketball team won the National Championship?

The answer is 1995.

UCLA Bruins Basketball Fans

The UCLA Bruins have one of the best college hoops programs in the nation, and with that comes loyal fans. These fans regularly pack the house at Pauley Pavilion to cheer on their team. For all the top-tier matchups at Pauley Pavilion, the Bruins will be digging in looking to pile up the wins and make a big move up the conference standings, though that's not exactly an easy task in the PAC-12. The atmosphere at the big game isn't something that you can recreate anywhere but the stands, though it's probably best to step away from the smart phone and learn it for yourself as the Bruins hope to pile up the wins and give their fans another memorable season of college hoops. When the Bruins are bringing the ball up the court during a nail-biter, you'll see first-hand the difference between watching from home and actually being there.

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