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North Carolina Tar Heels Schedule in 2014-2015

The Tar Heels are back with another very talented team and visions of making another run at the top of the ACC standings, which has pretty much become standard operating procedure considering they have one of the most dynamic programs in the nation. Yup, this is just one of those teams that is never lacking in superstar-level talent, and to watch them play is to see many of the brightest stars of both today and tomorrow. And one of the beautiful things about playing in the ACC is the stiff level of competition, which guarantees that the Tar Heels are battle-ready by the time they make it to the NCAA Tournament – something that the Tar Heels do about as regularly as breathing.

The North Carolina Tar Heels are ready to hit the court at the Dean Smith Center this season to take on all the best teams in the nation, giving their fans plenty to cheer about as they look to make it happen in another memorable season of action. The Tar Heels are looking to rise in the ranks of the ACC this season with the help of some hot new recruits. This team always has one of the best recruiting classes each and every year, and UNC is looking for some of their talented freshmen to help take this year's squad to the next level. It should be a fantastic season of Tar Heels basketball, one filled with exciting home matchups that every Heels fans is going to want to see in person.

But you definitely don't want to forget about the road games, as seeing the Tar Heels away from the Dean Smith Center will give you a completely different perspective on your favorite team. With away games against some of the best teams in the entire nation, it doesn't get any better than sporting your favorite team gear as the Tar Heels battle it out with teams loaded with explosive playmakers. When the ball goes up, absolutely anything can happen, though no matter the outcome, you'll see why college basketball remains as good as it gets when it comes to big-time spectator sporting events.

North Carolina Tar Heels Team Info

The history of success and great talent possessed by the Tar Heels is practically unparalleled in the ranks of college basketball and the program shows no signs of slowing down. Among the school's countless notable alumni, perhaps none is more revered than Michael Jordan, who during his time in Chapel Hill made some of the most memorable plays the sport has ever seen. After three great years at North Carolina, Jordan would move on to the National Basketball Association, where he would put together one of the most impressive pro careers ever seen. Many basketball fans consider Jordan the best player to every play the game, and for good reason. He won six NBA Championships in six NBA Finals appearances and earned a handful of Most Valuable Players awards in the regular season and the Finals.

But even though Jordan was obviously a legend in both college and in the NBA, he is far from the only unbelievable player who has come through campus. Other amazing players to dominate for the Tar Heels includes James Worthy, Antawn Jamison, Ty Lawson, Sam Perkins and many, many more, as this is a program that boasts as many great players as any other program in the nation. With the promise of some high-flyers and players who can do a little bit of everything on the hardwood, the Tar Heels are the type of team that everyone pays attention to when they end up on the schedule.

The Experience

People have been attending big-time spectator sports for years and years, dating all the way back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans if you want to delve into the far corners of human history. But even though things have changed quite a bit over the years, there are still plenty of amazing events to be a part of, and it doesn't get a whole lot better than seeing a prominent college basketball matchup. From the regular season through the very popular tournament at the end of the year, college basketball gives fans plenty of thrills that they simply can't find anywhere but the arena. And seeing a team like the Tar Heels, particularly when they're up against a highly touted ACC opponent, will give you the type of college basketball experience that you're just not going to find anywhere else.

North Carolina Tar Heels History

Boasting one of the proudest traditions in college basketball dating back to 1910, the Tar Heels are ready to battle their way to the top of the heap once again. Having long since established themselves as one of the elite college basketball powerhouses, UNC is a team that needs no introduction. Year after year, UNC recruits some of the top high school basketball players in the country, who are always more than capable of giving Tar Heels fans something to cheer about. This storied program has been to the NCAA Tournament more than 40 times, which is a staggering number on its own, and they have been able to capture the National Championship on five occasions, the most recent coming in 2009. This truly is one of the elite basketball programs in the entire nation, and has been for some time.

North Carolina Tar Heels Trivia

Did you know that Brad Dougherty was a higher draft pick than Michael Jordan?

Yup, while Jordan (perhaps infamously) didn't go until the third pick in the draft in 1984, Dougherty was snapped up immediately with the first overall pick in 1986, joining James Worthy as the only other Tar Heel to ever go number one overall.

North Carolina Tar Heels Fans

When these two teams take to the hardwood to do battle, there is an electricity in the air in the arena that cannot be topped. The UNC fans will be cheering for their beloved Tar Heels all throughout the game, no matter the score. If the Heels emerge victorious, the arena is in pure pandemonium, and it's an amazing experience to be there in the thick of it With one of the very best fan bases in the country and the promise of some unbelievable basketball throughout the regular season, Tar Heels' games (both home and away) are sure to be some of the most anticipated games all year in college basketball.

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