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Texas - Texas Tech

Texas - Texas Tech

Texas – Texas Tech Schedule

When it comes to seeing big boy football, you definitely can't go wrong with Texas vs. Texas Tech, as these long-time rivals have been battling it out for a while now and the matchups only seem to get better and better. Come out and see them lineup on the gridiron at either Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock or Daryl K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin and you'll end up with an incredible atmosphere that you'll be talking about a long time after it's over, as it doesn't get any better than seeing Big 12 football played by two of the top teams in the nation. Football played at this level is something special, and there's a reason why many think that watching college players is even better than the NFL.

But there are also plenty of other amazing matchups throughout the school year, including top-tier baseball games, basketball contests featuring both the men's and women's teams, and plenty of other sports that also bring in fans by the load as well. Both teams have fan bases that take their college sports very seriously and create an unparalleled atmosphere for their match ups in this heated in-conference rivalry. The Big 12 is a conference filled with schools that have proud sports traditions, and when an in-conference match-up takes place like one between Texas and Texas Tech, anything at all can happen. When you're there in the middle of the madness for a highly anticipated matchup, you definitely will be glad that you're not anywhere else.

The Teams

Whatever the sport, the rivalry between the Texas Longhorns and the Texas Tech Red Raiders always causes the teams to bring their best efforts when they face one another. These two teams represent two of the greatest programs in all of the country, and the talent trickles down throughout the various sports to make each and every one of their battles something to behold for fans of both sides. Of course, it all really comes to a head on the gridiron, where it's become a tradition to come out and see these two powerhouses do battle wins and bragging rights.

For the Longhorns, they've had nothing short of some of the very best players in the history of college football, with guys like Ricky Williams, Roy Williams, Vince Young and more dominating on the gridiron and solidifying themselves as some of the greatest players in college history. The Raiders haven't been lacking in great players either, of course, as they've had stars like Michael Crabtree, Ted Watts, Tim Crawford and many come through their ranks on their way to becoming high NFL draft picks. Put their impressive histories together and you will see some of the top players in college football.

Texas – Texas Tech History

In addition to their proud football traditions, the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Texas Longhorns both have histories of excellent basketball programs. The two schools highly anticipate the match up each year and their battles have been some of the best in all of college basketball. The Red Raiders have been on the hardwood since all the way back in 1925, allowing them time to build a very strong program and a healthy rivalry with the Longhorns in the process. On the other side of the tip, the Longhorns have played as far back as 1906, helping build one of the most prominent programs in all of college hoops in the process. With programs that date back generations and decades, the Raiders and the Longhorns have a legacy of success that helps to make all of their matchups, regardless of their sport, something that gets the blood in fans' veins pumping leading up to game time.

Texas – Texas Tech Trivia

Did you know that the Red Raiders have had eight Heisman finalists?

Though they've yet to actually pull down the win on Heisman day, there have been lots of Red Raiders who have turned heads as dominant college players. Guys like Byron Hanspard, B.J. Symons, Michael Crabtree and more have ended up Heisman Trophy finalists, and it seems to be only a matter of time before a Red Raider bursts through and wins the big win.

The Experience

Though there are lots of good rivalries around college sports, mainly because college rivalries tend to run deeper than you'll find in the pros, it doesn't get any better than watching the Red Raiders take on the Longhorns. From beautiful Saturday afternoon gridiron battles to intense hoops matchups to highly anticipated baseball games, there are plenty of options throughout the school year to see these teams clash, and you can bank on their being a great atmosphere to help complete the mood. When your favorite team is digging in against another powerhouse, the live sports experience springs to a completely different level, and that's exactly what you're going to see if you make it out to see the Raiders and the Longhorns regardless of the sport.

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