Utah Utes Basketball Tickets

Utah Utes Basketball tickets

2014 Utah Utes Schedule

This is just one of those teams you shouldn't sleep on as they look to pull it together and make some noise in the Pac-12, a conference that is known for routinely bringing together some of the most electrifying athletes in the country. There is nothing quite like being there when the game is on the line and the Utes are bringing the ball up the court, because this is a sport that springs to a completely different level when you get a chance to see it up close and personal. The Utes have another team that can do a little bit everything on the hardwood, providing plenty of reasons to put down the remote and make sure you get right into the heart of the action.

When the Utes are locked in an amazing battle loaded with passion on both sides, the stands are sure to be loaded with an electricity that you simply can't find anywhere but the stadium, where you'll actually be a part of the action this season as the Utes look to shoot their way to the top of the standings. Be there for all the slick crossovers, eye-popping blocked shots and spectacular dunks that will have you jumping out of your seat in no time this year.

The Experience

There are plenty of major college sports out there these days, but few can even hold a candle to the experiment of big-time NCAA basketball. Come out to the stands and you'll see what all the buzz is about, as you'll be treated to an unbelievable sporting event filled with thousands of intense fans that know a thing or two about showing their support. Some things don't transfer through that fancy TV, giving you plenty of reasons to back away from the chemistry textbook, pick up your school gear and make sure that you see the Utes the way they were meant to be seen as they look to give their fans another memorable season.

The Team

University of Utah Basketball tickets have been some of the best NCAA basketball tickets around, especially during the 1990s and early 2000s when head coach Rick Majerus guided the Utes to several WAC and Mountain West championships. Many former Utah players have gone on to play in the NBA, including Andre Miller, Andre Bogut and Keith Van Horn, giving the Utes a tradition of great players that few teams can boast. Now playing in the Pac-12, the Utes are building a stream of new rivalries that only get better by the year, which is why it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the calendar to make sure that you don't miss a second of the excitement as this team looks to take it to the next level.

Utah Utes Trivia

Did you know that the Utes have made it to the Final Four on four different occasions?

It happened the first time in 1944 and as recently as 1998, delivering some of the finest moments in the history of this program. But the Utes have had plenty of success in the Big Dance in other years as well, including six appearances in the Elite Eight and 15 different times making it to the Sweet Sixteen.

Utah Utes History

Starting their program on the basketball court in 1908, the University of Utah basketball team has become a dominant team in the Pac-12 that is known for being a constant in the NCAA Tournament and an annual threat to the bracket-busting play. The Utes began amassing the makings of a solid basketball team in the 1920s, beginning under the reign of coach Vadal Peterson, who is still the winningest coach in Utah basketball history, and the Utah basketball program really thrived under the coaching of Jack Gardner in the '50s and '60s, who took the Utes to more NCAA Tournaments than most.

Under the leadership of Gardner, the Utah Utes landed a legacy in NCAA basketball, making it to the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament in the 1960-61 season, as well as in 1965-66. The Utes also saw a second place run in the Big Dance in 1997-98, losing the title game to Kentucky in a heartbreaking final matchup. Today, the Utes are still known for being a top contender in the Pac-12, a conference that regularly is considered one of the very best in the entire country.

The Fans

As recently as 2005 the Utah Utes reached the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament, giving fans some big-time thrills and hope for an exciting new era of basketball in the process. Jon M. Huntsman Center is absolutely filled with passionate fans on a regular basis, giving you the perfect backdrop for a big game whether you're a die-hard fan or looking for a more family-friendly experience. As soon as you're there for all the crucial moments of a big game, you'll never look at Utah Utes college basketball the same way from home ever again.

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