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Veil of Maya Tickets

Veil of Maya Tickets - Veil of Maya Tour

Veil of Maya Tour

Taking the country by storm with their be-all end-all style of death metal, Veil of Maya is taking to the stage at venues all over for a string of shows that you won't want to miss out on. Bringing their awesome metal to fans across the country, the shows that Veil of Maya put on are not to be missed. You won't believe your eyes or ears when the members of Veil of Maya hit the stage and start bringing the house down with their intense metal! So if you think you'll be able to make it to any of their upcoming shows from coast to coast, then make sure that you'll be a part of the audience by getting your tickets from StubHub! Tickets to these shows definitely won't last, so there's no better time than now to secure your spot at the shows that this one of a kind band will be performing at.

About The Band

Forming in 2004 Chicago, Illinois from the ashes of disbanded death metal group Insurrection, certain members from that group weren't quite done working with each other and pumping out their serious metal, joining together for a whole new project. The members that carried over from Insurrection include Mark Okubo (guitar), Kris Higgler (bass), and Sam Applebaum (drums), with new members Timothy Marshall and Adam Clemans joining their ranks as guitar and vocals respectively. They quickly got to work recording a demo in 2005 and taking on a multitude of shows to grow their popularity and fans. With a minor lineup change, the crew promptly went to work on creating their masterful debut album, "All Things Set Aside", released in 2006. It was through their amazing and energetic live shows, tours, and interviews that they picked up enough steam to sign with Sumerian Records in 2008, also releasing their sophomore effort "The Common Man's Collapse" that same year. After an intense touring regimen to back the new album, Veil of Maya went to work on their third album [id], which when released in 2010 to rave reviews. They have since released another album in 2012 and are hard at work on releasing their fifth album.

Breakthrough Album/Song

With each member of Veil of Maya already well versed and honed in their craft of metal, it wouldn't be wrong to say that Veil of Maya was a breakout band from the very start. But it could be said that the album that gained them the most attention chartwise is likely to be their most recent releases of either "[id]" or "Eclipse" in 2010 and 2012 respectively. These albums both made it onto a wide variety of album charts, with Eclipse making it all the way to the number 76 spot on the Billboard 200, as well as getting into the top ten on two other charts. [id], however, made it onto five album charts, even making it to the much sought after number one position on the Top Rock Albums chart.

Veil of Maya Trivia

To the unrehearsed ear, metal and it's myriad of subgenres may all sound similar, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that there are more subgenres of metal that you can shake a stick it. Everything from doom metal to melodic deathcore to splatter metal and technical death metal and everything in between. But there is a somewhat new subgenre of metal that Veil of Maya has helped explore and expand into what it is today. Known simply as "djent", this is an offshoot of what is known as progressive metal, but is classified as a distorted guitar sound that is palm-muted for effect. The style was pioneered by famous metal band Meshuggah, but is currently being experimented with by a wide array of bands including Veil of Maya, to great success.

Fan Experience

There's no denying the energy or awe inducing action that goes into each and every one of Veil of Maya's live shows, as they are 100% into what they do and have a passion for metal like no other. And the fans are into the music just as much as the band members, as everyone will be dancing, singing along, jumping around, and all sorts of variations of excited dance movements. You can tell once the members take to the stage that they would rather be there than anywhere else, and the fans wouldn't have it any other way. So if you like your metal fast, loud, and awesome, then you can't go wrong with checking out one of the many live shows that Veil of Maya will be playing in the coming months. You're going to need to harden your fist, because if you make it out to one of Veil of Maya's shows then you will absolutely be throwing it into the air while jumping around, or however you decide to dance to the fast paced music that will be thrown into your face.

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