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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to the famed Trocadero Theatre, a city landmark that has been a main attraction in town since the late 1800s. Today used as a concert hall and dance club, Trocadero is a go-to place in Philly for live entertainment. Check out concert tickets to see what's headed to Trocadero and come join the action at this famed venue!

Trocadero Seating Chart

The Trocadero Theatre first opened in Pennsylvania in 1870 as the Arch Street Opera House. The venue has been host to several different kinds of entertainment over the decades, including burlesque shows, cinematic displays, fine arts, and now, live music. Theater tickets have been available at the Trocadero over the years, but today it's live music that brings visitors in flocks to the Troc.

Trocadero Seat Map

Philadelphia's Trocadero has become a hotspot for rock and indie music shows, with artists such as Portlandia, Slaughterhouse, the Ting Tings and Behemoth all performing at the venue in recent years. Trocadero tickets are always in high demand no matter the artist on stage, and tickets sell out fast for the most popular shows! Get tickets today and head to the Trocadero to get into the excitement!

Trocadero Map

If you haven't yet seen the live music action tearing up the stage at the Trocadero, what are you waiting for Head to StubHub in search of rock music tickets and be sure to see what's coming to the Philadelphia live music scene! There's nothing like catching your favorite acts on stage at the famed Trocadero, so get tickets today and come see what all the buzz is about!