Amos Southend

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Directions to Amos Southend
1423 S. Tryon Street Charlotte, NC. 28203. Depending on which direction you are coming from there are many ways to get to Amos Southend in Charlotte, North Carolina. In general you want to keep an eye out for the I-277 exit on Tryon Street South. Once you exit, keep going straight eight blocks on Tryon Street South and the venue will be located up eight blocks on the left.
Parking near Amos Southend
Parking for the Amos Southend is located on the side of the building and the charge is free for all patrons attending a show at the Amos Southend. There are only 1,000 spaces, so make sure to arrive with plenty of time in advance, especially if it is a popular show.
Transportation to Amos Southend
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