Barrymore Theatre - New York

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Directions to Barrymore Theatre
243 West 47th Street, New York, New York 10036. The Barrymore Theatre is located on the north side of 47th Street, West of Broadway, about halfway to 8th Avenue. The closest subway to the venue is the C or E to 50th Street. You then would walk south on 8th Avenue to 47th Street, east to the theatre.
Parking near Barrymore Theatre
The theater is located in the famous Theater District in the heart of New York City, home to Broadway. There are plenty of parking garages located near the Barrymore Theatre, but many patrons choose to take some form of public transportation as the traffic congestion isn’t as bad and there is no hassle to find parking or pay a large sum at a nearby garage.
Transportation to Barrymore Theatre
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