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The Cascade Theater is located at 1733 Market St., Redding, CA, 96001. When driving to this location, bear in mind that the Downtown Mall where it’s located intersects streets going both North/South and East/West, causing streets to start and stop at the Mall and requiring you to go around the Mall in order to continue driving on the same street. Also, there are a number of one-way streets in the Downtown District, most of them associated with traffic flowing around the Downtown Mall. WHEN APPROACHING FROM THE NORTH Take I-5 SOUTH. Merge onto CA-299 W via EXIT 678B toward CENTRAL REDDING/EUREKA. This will take you into the downtown area. Turn LEFT at the first stoplight, which is also the end of the freeway, onto EAST STREET. Turn RIGHT at the second stop light on PLACER STREET. Turn LEFT at the stop sign on MARKET STREET. The CASCADE THEATRE is on the left side of the street at 1733 Market Street, Redding, CA 96001. WHEN APPROACHING FROM THE SOUTH Take I-5 NORTH. Take the CYPRESS AVE. exit- EXIT 677- toward REDDING. Turn LEFT onto E. CYPRESS AVE. Follow CYPRESS AVE. over the bridge and past City Hall. Note that CYPRESS AVE. splits where it intersects with 273 N / EAST STREET. You will want to be in the center lane and then choose the lane that allows you to turn RIGHT. Turn RIGHT onto CA-273 N / EAST STREET Continue to follow CA-273 N. for three or four blocks. Turn LEFT onto SACRAMENTO STREET. Turn RIGHT onto MARKET STREET. The CASCADE THEATRE is on the right side of the street at 1733 Market St, Redding, CA 96001.



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