Churchill Downs

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Churchill Downs

Who can resist the big hats, the mint juleps, the tradition, the awesome spectacle, the sheer majesty of the Kentucky Derby? Such an exhilarating event can only be truly experienced live at Churchill Downs, America's most famous horseracing track. As the undisputed home of the best horseracing in the country, Churchill Downs plays host to the most ardent horse racing enthusiasts, from owners to breeders to gamblers to people who just love the thrill of the scene. No other track on Earth offers the sensational history and charm of Churchill Downs, and everyone who has been to one of its races has become an instant horseracing lover. Get your Kentucky Derby tickets from StubHub to be there as the world's fastest ponies break for the rail at Churchill Downs!

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It's not as if Churchill Downs wasn't already widely famous before Secretariat became the fastest horse on Earth, but after that historic race, Churchill Downs' status as a horseracing track icon was cemented forever. Secretariat's record at Churchill Downs still stands, but that hasn't stopped thousands of fans coming out in droves every year to see if it can be broken. There's just no denying the awesome power of the races at Churchill Downs. Whether you come to play the ponies, scout talent, dress to the nines or sit back and enjoy the show on the track and in the stands, Churchill Downs never disappoints. There's nothing that can compare to seeing a race live beneath the famous spires, so head over to StubHub to get purchase horseracing tickets and be there to see who wins by a nose!

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When the jockeys take the mount and enter into the gate at Churchill Downs, an indescribable energy begins to swell in the crowd, boiling and churning throughout the stands. Everyone knows the race is about to begin. Drinks are put down. Programs are dropped. Phones are put away. Conversations come to a halt. And when the horses are all in place and then finally leap from the gate, all that pent up energy is released and the crowd erupts in a crazed fever of shouting and cheering. For two minutes, the stands of Churchill Downs are without a doubt the most exciting place to be on Earth, because in those two minutes everything they've been waiting for comes to a head, and that crush of energy creates a scene that is a sight to behold. Visit StubHub to purchase Churchill Downs tickets to be there on race day!

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Churchill Downs is ground zero for horseracing in America. Sure there are plenty of other great tracks out there, but none hold a candle to the power of Churchill Downs. From the moment you step onto those hallowed grounds, you know dreams have been realized and shattered, and every day history is made. Home of the Kentucky Derby and countless other captivating horseracing events, Churchill Downs is an American experience unlike any other, and the opportunity to see a race there isn't to be missed. Hurry over to StubHub to get your tickets to see the ponies pound it out live at Churchill Downs!