Gothic Theatre

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Directions to Gothic Theatre
From the North, take I-25 South to the US-87/I-25 exit. Turn right on South Broadway and the venue is on the right. From the South, take I-25 North to exit 201 for Hampden Avenue/US-285/CO-30. Turn left on CO-30/E Hampden Avenue/US-295 and follow US-285. Take the exit toward South Broadway/CO-74. Turn right on S. Broadway. The venue is on the left.
Parking near Gothic Theatre
Parking is free for the Gothic Theater at the parking lot on the southeast corner of Broadway and Floyd. There is more parking in the late in front of Moe#25;s Original BBQ. More parking is available on the street. There are a few places where patrons should not park because unauthorized vehicles are towed. Do not park at the Medical Center, the Smash Burger or King Scoopers.
Transportation to Gothic Theatre
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