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Chestnut Street, Nashville, TN 37203: FROM THE NORTH (VIA ELLINGTON PARKWAY/US-31/SR-6 SOUTH), follow signs for US-31 South/US-41 South/US-431 South/James Robertson Parkway South and make a left onto Interstate Drive, taking the ramp on the left at I-24 East. Make a right off Exit 50A, traveling on I-40 West toward Memphis. Take the ramp right at Exit 210C and make a right onto Chestnut Street, veering to the right. FROM THE SOUTH (VIA I-65 NORTH), take the ramp right at Exit 81 and make a left onto Wedgewood Avenue. Turn right onto US-31/8th Avenue South and turn right onto Chestnut Street. FROM THE EAST (VIA I-24 WEST/I-40 WEST), stay on I-40 West and take the ramp right at Exit 210C toward US-31A South/US-41 South/4th Avenue South. Make a right onto Chestnut Street. FROM THE WEST (VIA I-40 EAST/I-65 SOUTH), take Exit 210C and go right off the ramp, following signs for US-31 South/US-41 South/4th Avenue South. Turn right onto Chestnut Street.



Parking at Greer Stadium is available in an onsite parking lot, and fees vary on game days. Handicapped parking is also assessable, and public transportation can be taken to the facility via MTA.



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