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House of Blues (Dallas)

The House of Blues is always a good place to enjoy a live show by some of today's top artists. In fact, you can pick up a pair of concert tickets today at StubHub for an upcoming show at the HOB in Dallas, Texas. There is a great ambiance here and plenty of popular stars have performed onstage including Staind, Cowboy Mouth and Grieves and Budo. See who will be here in the next few weeks and make a date today.

House of Blues (Dallas) Seating Chart

What are you waiting for House of Blues tickets are on sale now, and if you live in Dallas, you'll want to make reservations as soon as possible. Some of the best live acts routinely stop by this venue and the seats fill up quickly. Tell your friends and family members to join you for the excitement.

House of Blues (Dallas) Seat Map

Do you live in Dallas, Texas You'll want to grab a pair of House of Blues (Dallas) tickets without delay for the next big show. Check out the calendar and get going today for an incredible show.

House of Blues (Dallas) Map

Comedy tickets are also on sale at StubHub. So check out some of your favorite funnymen and women live onstage when they swing by the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas.