Kennedy Center Terrace Theater

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Directions to Kennedy Center Terrace Theater
Via the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge (I-66 & Rte. 50): Take the first left upon crossing the bridge, staying to the left on the Potomac Expressway (toward Rock Creek Parkway). At the yield sign, turn left and proceed to the second stoplight at Virginia Avenue. Turn left on Virginia Avenue. Turn right onto 25th Street and follow the signs for the Kennedy Center.
Parking near Kennedy Center Terrace Theater
The Kennedy Center has completed its parking garage expansion and site improvements project to better serve your needs. The garage's new features include a dedicated entrance from northbound Rock Creek Parkway to "C" Level north-end parking (open for most performances) and direct access to the Potomac Expressway and the Roosevelt Bridge from the southern exits and access to northbound and southbound lanes along Rock Creek Parkway from the northern exit.
Transportation to Kennedy Center Terrace Theater
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