Louisville Palace

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Louisville Palace

Concert tickets for an upcoming show at the Louisville Palace in Louisville, Kentucky. Invite your friends and family members to see the best in the entire industry. Whether you love rock, country, hip hop or classical, there is always a great event happening in Louisville and now is your time to book tickets so that you can get great seats!

Louisville Palace Seating Chart

The Louisville Palace is one of the coolest places to catch a show in the city and you'll want to grab a big group of your friends to sing along to some of the most well-known artists in the industry. Check out the schedule and see who will be performing here in the next few weeks and months.

Louisville Palace Seat Map

Act now because Louisville Palace tickets are going to sell out fast and you'll want to score seats to the next big event. Find out what's going on soon and get ready for a live musical event that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Louisville Palace Map

Comedy tickets are also popular items for the Louisville Palace. See which of the funniest men and women will be traveling here soon and get ready to laugh out loud at the best jokes in the industry.