Majestic Theatre Detroit

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Directions to Majestic Theatre Detroit
To get to the Majestic coming from the north or south, take the M-10, then turn right (if coming north) or left (if coming south) on Alexandrine or Willis, whichever comes first. The second block you come to will be the Majestic, including the Majestic Theatre and other venues and places to go. If coming from the east or west, use the I-94 and come south on Woodward.
Parking near Majestic Theatre Detroit
Ample parking should be available to you in the immediate vicinity of the venue, but because it#25;s located in the busy downtown district, and especially because the block it#25;s on attracts so much traffic, it#25;s recommended that you come extra early to secure a good parking spot. Don#25;t risk the crowds hogging the good parking!
Transportation to Majestic Theatre Detroit
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