Massey Hall

178 Victoria St., Toronto, CA, M5B1T7   |  (416) 872-4255 ext. ext
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Massey Hall

Downtown Toronto, Canada features several landmarks that have been citywide attractions for decades, and among those is Massey Hall, a performing arts venue located in the Garden District of the downtown area. Massey Hall sells theater tickets for tons of events around the year, bringing audiences from all over Toronto to the state-of-the-art venue for musical and theatrical entertainment.

Massey Hall Seating Chart

Massey Hall has been a Toronto gem since the 1894, when the historic venue first opened as one of Toronto's go-to concert halls. Originally boasting seating for 3,500 but now seating 2,765 at capacity, Massey Hall is a must-see intimate concert and theater arts venue. There's always something on the schedule for upcoming events at Massey Hall, bringing the masses to get concert tickets to events at the venue on a regular basis.

Massey Hall Seat Map

Downtown Toronto's Massey Hall has been a popular destination for performing arts lovers since the late 1800s, and the venue still attracts all kinds of theatergoers for a bevy of events around the year. Theatergoers run to get Massey Hall tickets well in advance to the most popular events heading to the venue, as tickets often sell out for the biggest performances of the year.

Massey Hall Map

No matter whether you're looking for comedy tickets or tickets to other memorable events, you can find it all when you head to StubHub to find the happenings at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. Massey Hall brings music artists, theatrical performances, comedians and more to the big stage, collecting audience members for sold-out shows all year long!