Music Hall Center

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Directions to Music Hall Center
Music Hall is located in Downtown Detroit next to the Opera House and across from the Gen Theatre on Madison and Brush, 2 blocks from Greektown. It#25;s located at 350 Madison, Detroit, MI. If coming from the north, take the 375, bear right and exit on Madison, then cross Brush Street. You can also take the 75, exit on the 1, turn left on Park Avenue/Whitehall Street and then right on Madison.
Parking near Music Hall Center
Ample parking for the Music Hall Center can be found on three sides of the building. All the parking lots are safe and well-lit, and rates vary from $8 and up. If you do decide to park in one of these lots, however, come early in order to secure a good spot. Street parking may also be available.
Transportation to Music Hall Center
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