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PNC Pavilion

Cincinnati, Ohio brings some of the biggest names and tours in the music industry to the city during the summertime months, when the Riverbend Music Center comes alive. The outdoor amphitheater is a must-see in Cincinnati and is located next to the PNC Pavilion at Riverbend, where concert tickets sell out for the biggest shows of the year.

PNC Pavilion Seating Chart

PNC Pavilion in Cincinnati has been a supplemental live music hotspot to the Riverbend Music Center since its opening in 2008. First known as the National City Pavilion, today the PNC Pavilion is even more popular than ever before. Check out concert tickets to see what's coming up at the PNC Pavilion in Cincinnati and get tickets today to upcoming shows!

PNC Pavilion Seat Map

PNC Pavilion tickets are red-hot, and especially during the summer touring season, when the most popular mainstream music acts head to Cincinnati. The PNC Pavilion seats 4,100 patrons at capacity, and every one of those seats are filled during the biggest shows of the year. Get tickets today and come join the live music action at PNC Pavilion at Riverbend!

PNC Pavilion Map

If you haven't yet had the full Riverbend experience, head to StubHub in search of concert tickets and come join the musical action at PNC Pavilion! Tickets sell out quickly for most shows at the venue, so get yours today before it's too late and come see the outdoor amphitheater in all its glory! Tickets will sell out fast, so don't hesitate another minute to get them!