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Oriole Park at Camden Yards Tickets

It has the look and feel of a century-old ballpark, but it's barely old enough to drink. That's what makes Oriole Park at Camden Yards so unique. While other classic facilities struggle to maintain their facilities while retaining their original charm, Oriole Park has everything already built in. A state-of-the-art facility from top to bottom, Camden Yards consistently ranks as one of the top ballparks in major league baseball. Whether you're there to enjoy America's greatest pastime or another exciting event, Oriole Park at Camden Yards delivers an unsurpassed entertainment experience. Get your Baltimore Orioles tickets at StubHub to be there when the first pitch is thrown at Oriole Park!

Oriole Park at Camden Yards Event Tickets

As the home of the Baltimore Orioles, Oriole Park at Camden Yards has seen some of the most thrilling moments in sports history. Cal Ripken, Jr. has sent home runs soaring into the stands. The Orioles have won the American League Eastern Division twice and secured wild card berths twice at Camden Yards, and those postseason matchups are a magnificent sight to behold and a special experience to be a part of. But no matter when in the season you go, Oriole Park creates a thrilling atmosphere that takes baseball games to a higher level. Visit StubHub to check out the Baltimore Orioles Schedule to plan your games at Oriole Park!

Oriole Park at Camden Yards Baseball Tickets

Oriole Park at Camden Yards shook things up in major league baseball when it opened in 1992. It was the first of the retro major league parks, a stadium designed with a classic aesthetic but with all the current amenities and conveniences of a modern facility. Such a bold stadium had never been done before, and Oriole Park succeeded brilliantly, giving the Orioles a majestic home to compete in. Since the park first opened, it has continued to be a testament to what can happen when people of passion and vision come together. No other ballpark offers the style and charm of Oriole Park. Get your tickets from StubHub to be there for the next game in Charm City!

Oriole Park at Camden Yards Schedule

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is the stunning baseball-only stadium that graces the downtown Baltimore skyline are serves as major league baseball's crowning achievement. When Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened on April 6, 1992, a bold vision was realized and a new era of professional baseball began. The stadium was brand new but held a decidedly old-fashioned appeal. State-of-the-art, yet quaint, Oriole Park at Camden Yards became an instant classic and continues to be a premier ballpark. When you want to see championship baseball in a championship stadium, go to StubHub to see what amazing events are coming up at Oriole Park at Camden Yards! A pillar of the Baltimore community, a leader in professional baseball and an unequalled stadium, Oriole Park at Camden Yards offers everything a baseball fan could want. As the leading home of America's favorite pastime, fans capture that historic feel of a classic ballpark.

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21 Sep 2014
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Baltimore, MD
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